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Seen consultant scan booked

Well ive given an update on bereavement but basically they told me that angel was perfectly normal and medically healthy and no reason for death found. This has been horrible because it means my baby girl died for no apparent reason but they told me it's good in that I shouldn't fear future pregnancies (pah!)
anyway she's kindly booked me in for a 10 week scan despite mw saying NO, so I'm praying there's a heartbeating baby there come end of january!

Hope you are all ok I have been thinking of you x


  • Hi,
    That's positive news, and if you've got your results then hopefully i should hear something soon, I was just a week after you.
    I totally get you saying it's horrible that Angel died for no reason, but she'll always be your Angel and will be looking over you when you have your scan.

    You're always in my thoughts, big hugs xx
  • its hard hun not getting any answers i found that hard too , like charlie died for no reason if he was operfect why did they take him from me , as your feeling about angel i'm glad your getting your scan , i've been being scaned very 2 wks which is great , i'm 10 wks 1 day so its goign really fast but i try not to think about it dont w3ant to fall in love only for it to be taken away from me its very hard greiving and thinking of a new babay even tho it so what i want its just so hard as i just think of charlie , i so hope you have a good pg and angel is whatching down on her mummy and daddy like charlie is forus take care love vicki xx
  • i try not to think about it dont w3ant to fall in love only for it to be taken away from me

    I am feeling like this too, you are very lucky to be scanned so regularly I think I will only be getting my 2 standard ones although at 10 and 18 weeks, they said they'd be happy to listen to heart beat after 20weeks! (could try earlier but if they don't find one are scared to worry me!) I am thinking to look into private scans but will wait before getting too ahead of myself. Hubby is finding it v hard and doesn't want to talk about it at all as if we're doing wrong by angel having another! I still cry for angel but I know as scarey as it is this new one is giving me a glimmer of hope.

    Dotty they got my results through on the 2nd, I'd phoned them and said I was pregnant again so could I be seen before Christmas. It might be worth calling up but maybe it's best for you to get through these weeks first(?) either way I'm thinking of you, take care x
  • been watching out to see what the consultant said, it is good news but must be VERY hard to take.

    Thinking of you as always :hugs:
  • Thanks W4B. I might give them a call after Xmas to see if there are any results yet. Like you said I do need to get through next week first. I was talking to my OH last night about it, and next Tuesday is kind of like the end of it all for us. I'll be glad when its all over, but sad that it is if you know what I mean?
    And Vicki / charli's angel that is such a heartbreaking quote, and so very true. I can't wait to be in the same position as you both, but it's going to be 9 months of worry!!

    Can I also say, it's been great having all of you ladies to talk to, I really don't know how I would have managed without you!! Thank you and big hugs to you all x
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