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How hard is it !!!!!

Been Christmas shopping earlier today and how hard is it seeing all those pregnant woman and woman pushing prams in the shopping centre. So so wish it was me or 1 of you guys . Totally spoiled my day especially the ones that look like they just shouldnt have kids.!! know what i mean. Sorry for going on but AAAAARGH ! Could have cried. Just needed to get that off my chest x x x x:\(


  • hey hun, i totally agree, there were lots of preggers people and prams everywhere!!!! image xxx
  • tell me about it. Every where I looked there were heavily preg women. Im glad its not just me. Im finding it hard as well because a person I know is due the same time I was n still going out getting drunk n doing what she wants but seems to have a healthy preg. Doesnt seem fare.
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