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Help! Sleep issues

Oscar seems to become allergic to sleep. He's currently refusing to nap in the day (unless he has half an hour in the car). Sometimes he's fine till bedtime, sometimes he gets really tired at 4ish but if I put him down then he sleeps for a couple of hours then doesn't want to go to bed till midnight. He continually wakes in the night, mostly he just wants his dummy and goes back off but that can be 2-5 times a night. Then he's up for the day at 6 even though you can see he's shattered. I've tried putting him down for a nap after lunch whether he seems tired or not but he'll only sleep for half an hour at most. He's starting to get really mardy in the day and it's probably because he's tired but he won't sleep!!

We've got so much travelling and things to do over Christmas and I can't have him being the nightmare that he is at the moment. I'm also not coping being constantly disturbed at night and I'm not playing with him enough because I'm just shattered. Feel like a zombie!! HELP!!!

(He's 13 months btw)


  • Hi jemma. Its been ages since i've been here. Oscar seems to be doing well (other then the issue you're having now image )
    I dont know if you remember but Amara was great when it came to bedtime/naps but became a nightmare when she was around8-9months. Like Oscar, she would wake frequently in the night (even if shes in bed with us) and i felt awful as i wasnt sleeping enough and not paying enough attention as i was shattered all the time. she would be grumpy during the day and would refuse to nap. Only few days ago i find she will wake aorund 8.30-9am and nap straight after lunch 12.30-1pm for around 1-2hr then again at 5-6pm for 30mins-1hr. She will then go for the night at around 10.30ish but will sleep through till morning.
    Its not the routine i was after but right now i will settle for anything if it allows me to sleep through too especially after almost 5 months of broken sleep.
    Sorry, i dont have any advice but wanted to let you know i understand what you're going through. I guess this is a phase they go through. I hope he gets better soon.

    Fatema and Amara xxx
  • Thanks fatema.

    We're currently having the worst night I've ever had with him, having had a good day. I put him down for a nap at 11am and he slept for 2 hours and we had a lovely afternoon with no tantrums and a very happy Oscar. But it's now almost 3am and he's been awake for 2 hours for no reason I can fathom. He's screaming if I'm not in the room but is all smiles and chatting as soon as I go in, and is purposely throwing his dummy out of the cot. Currently trying cc as I've checked everything that could possibly be keeping him up and he's not wet, hungry, teething, too hot or cold... He's just up
  • I'd try cc - it does work - if you're going to do CC anyway I would possibly get rid of the dummy at the same time, if the dummys causing a problem. I'm lucky, because Gabe has never woken for his dummy, though. But if he had, I think I'd try and get rid of it (sorry I no thats probably easier said than done) Or try just putting loads of dummies all around him. Im having problems with Gabe's daytime naps (as in- he refuses to have them, might have 10mins in the car but not in his cot, I tried CC again as it worked for us at night but it really isn't working in the day, so I've given up, & if we're not going out, he just doesnt sleep) . Gabe's always been terrible with day sleep though, I think it's because he's always been an angel at night (currently sleeps 6.30pm - 8.30am ....angel!!!). Oh does oscar have toys in his cot. Gabe has toys and books in his now and I think he likes it!! It also gives me an extra 20mins in the morning (Im NOT an early riser.....) and it means I can hear him playing happily rather than shouting for me. I think it also makes him more content as his soft toys can keep him 'company' at night image Hope this helps xx I think sometimes you've got to get tough on sleep issues especially if you're on your own a lot . xx
  • Thanks ymgm. I'm reluctant to take his dummy away with all the travelling we have to do as we're staying with either elderly family or people with kids and it's not fair to keep them up.

    Cc also doesn't work for us. I've tried it and he just gets hysterical and it can take well over 2 hours to calm him down and then he'll only sleep for half an hour before waking again. I've also tried letting him cry it out, which worked for us in the past but again he's just worked himself into a state and it becomes impossible to calm him down.

    He's unfortunately now started waking up with the dummy but still not going back to sleep. I was up for 3.5 hours on Thursday night and 2 last night. But that could be a reaction to his mmr as he's got a slight temp and a bit of a rash (he had that last Wednesday)

    Think I've just got to put up with it for now and get strict on the days we are home when I've got hubby to help me xx
  • cc didnt work for us either as amara would also get hysterical and would take forever to settle down again. I forgot to mention earlier we tried pupd which worked well but didnt stop her waking in the night though so i guess not much of a solution. I guess it might be the mmr. Hope things turn around soon. xxx
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