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Good Weekend?

Hello Girls
Have we all had a good weekend?


  • Hi Caroline,
    Yes, not bad at all.
    What about you and Bronwyn?

    My friend had a little boy yesterday and she came home today to find I'd put blue 'its a boy' balloons outside her house, and she was really chuffed.

    Cant say I enjoyed the fireworks, barr humbug!!!

    How long now till your fiance comes home?
  • Hi Caroline

    We've had a very good, but peaceful weekend!!
    Cameron's been entertaining us all weekend, he's turning into a real character!!!!!

    Hope you had a good one.
    Take care
    Dawn xx
  • Hi Lucyanne and Dawn
    I've had a good, quiet weekend!
    I've just given Bronwyn a massage using what I learnt yesterday morning. I am hoping that it helps her sleep tonight, as we were up and down 4 times last night!

    Lucyanne, Gareth is home in 11 days, I drive to Heathrow on the 15th at 2.30 am to pick him up at 7!

    Dawn, Cameron looks like a right cheeky little character. Bronwyn has been entertaining me too. She is so funny and pulls some excellent faces. I can sit and watch her all day!

    She's laying in her carrycot and all I can see is a pair of arms waving around in front of a muslin which she has placed over her face, in her sleep!!! Oh dear!

  • 11 days and counting then.

    What a treck you will have though!!!!

    Will you be taking little Bronwyn with you to pick her daddy up.?
  • Just noticed you changed your pic of Bronwyn.
    Its lovely, she's really cute.
  • Thanks, its a new pic taken earlier.

    Yes I will be taking her with me. I don't have any other option really. Plus, Gareth will be disappointed if she's not there with me. It will be 5 weeks since he last saw her.
  • I think thats lovely.
    He'll be soooo pleased to see her ( and you of course).
  • Hi Girls,
    Glad you all had a nice weekend. We met up with some family we don't see often for lunch on saturday, which was nice. I had work yesterday so we didn't get up to much.

    Hope you are all ok
    Chat soon x
  • Hi,

    We had a good weekend. My dog hated the fireworks so i hope that's it. Possibly a few next weekend but that'll do us til new years eve.

    Charlotte's hair has got long enough for pig tails without lots of clips. She looks so much older but really cute. I'll take a photo later and post it on to show you.

    Criky is that the time, better get dressed got school run to do!!!
  • hello

    we had a fab weekend,

    2 firework displays! one from the council, and one at my aunts

    robert absoslutly loved them!

    kept saying "wowow" or "ooh thats pretty"

  • I love your pictures claire, he looks like he loved it!
  • Bless, those pics are soo cute.
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