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whats your dream xmas pressie, and nightmare one....

Apart from a bfp or af etc (unfortantly santa doesnt supply those)

My dream xmas pressie would be a new pair of ghd straightners as mine have broken over the weekend booo

Nightmare pressie is thongs from la senza.... not because they are horrible but my mum always gets them for me, about ten pairs every xmas without fail, i have told her 100000 times I dont wear them, i prefere frenchie knickers, AND she always gets them a size too small so if i did wear them id be in danger of giving myself stitches image

Whats everyone elses...... (don t worry about sounding ungrateful :lol: )


  • My dream xmas prezzie would be a holiday or a wedding... But realistically it is the UGGs that I am getting image

    My nightmare one would be.... new bedding which my Grandma has got me & OH (as informed by mother dearest)!! Why my Grandma thinks I want bedding I'll never know but my mum said it was bedding or bath towels :lol:
  • My dream pressie would be a proposal imageops: but i doubt thats going to happen :roll:

    My worst present would be a cuddly toy, i've never liked them, even as a child!! :lol:
  • Dotty, will you marry me?......

    or did it specificaly have to be from oh?xxxxx

  • I got my dream proposal last Xmas and I am married now and I never thought it would happen so it could happen to YOU! LOL

    I would love all of my debt to be paid off so I could be a housewife LOL! Otherwise a new coat and some new clothes?

    Worst pressie would be a thong as well as I HATE them! LOL
  • my worst...clothes that I haven't chosen. My Oh or mum would never buy me clothes so am safe...that is what I thought, until OH confessed that his mum had enquired about my clothes size so now a neatly wrapped parcel is sitting under my xmas tree waiting to be unwrapped...luckily I know that it has the receipt in it too

    best present would be that OH suddenly doesn't have to work and we can fly to see my parents
    but that won't happen so am looking forward to the lil nonsense presents OH will get me, they always make me laugh

    hope everybody gets their dream pressie and that BFP
  • My dream Chrimbo pressie........hubby coming home this evening and telling me that we DON'T have to go to his mum's for Chrimbo Day after all.

    My worst Chrimbo pressie......probably the "saucy" underwear said mother in law insists on buying me ( inappropriate!!).
  • oh, feel so sorry for you moonandstars, at least my MIL only got me a top...and probab thinks that I wear all white long legged undies and hopes we don't have sex yet LOL
  • Best - lots of costume jewellery from accessorize
    Worst - bath bombs (they give me migraines!

    Why can't santa bring beans! :0( xxx
  • Can I be really soppy and say that there's nothing (other than a BFP!) I really want as my OH proposed last Christmas eve and we were married in August!

    My worst pressie would be candles - nothing against them per se but to me there's just no thought involved in buying someone a candle! x
  • Best Christmas present would be jewellery from my hubby and my worst Christmas present be anything electrical!!
  • My dream pressie would be a diamond eternity ring but no that's not financially possible at the mo!

    My worst xmas pressie would be a complete make-up set, one with several layers of colours you would never, ever wear!!
  • hhmmmmmm i think my best would just be my little boy having a great day and seeing him play with his toys and for my hubby to find my 'mum' pendant i dropped in our pond!!! oopsy or a new one :lol:

    worst would be my MIl giving me any sort of underwear....or my mum for that matter and then opening them infront of FIL,i would get a right beamer lol and i no hw would make some comment on hubby getting some mil has not one bit of taste as me
  • I like this one!

    I got one of my dreams - and totally a suprise - last yr - proposal from OH of 7 yrs - actually it's eight now!
    so this yr I would love to find that we have the finances for the wedding! I do not, and in fact we will not max credit cards or take out loans to fund our day so I may be waiting a little while.

    My worst would be - gosh i really do feel ungrateful - and not because I won't like it - but - NO FRAGERANCE SETS - they drive me mad - there is no thought or effort in this as a gift.

  • i'm strictly speaking not here as not had my first proper af yet but I like this so..
    my best - my little boy taking his first steps. He's 16 months today.
    my worst socks or anything from lush. x
  • euurgh, lush stinks, if i get within 10meters of the place, instant headache! x
  • Totally agree on the makeup/perfume sets. They can be very expensive, but are just so impersonal.
  • Best....... FCUK handbag that i got image - Money for our bed (getting from my dad image )
    Something excellent would be a wedding where ALL family could be together they dont have to speak but no one saying " well i am not going if HE/SHE IS "

    Worse......... Ironing Board - My OH wanted to get me one :lol: also thongs and my bum is large and would end up getting lost :lol::lol::lol:
  • Ive got a viveinne westwood orb necklace n earring set off hubby which is pretty good!
  • My best would be..... eh.... a holiday image although that just wont be happening this year

    My worst.... would be anything for the house (iron, kettle, pans)... yes i know ppl who have had these from OH's at xmas!! haha

    I also HATE thongs!!
    I always thought i was the only one!! haha

  • My best would be these gorgeous knee high boots that I'm hoping hubby will buy me or a new king size bed.

    The worst would be anything from lush, it brings me out in an attractive rash (nice!!) as i have sensitive skin but my sister in law keeps buying me it, might have to get hubby to have a quiet word, he he, or it'll end up on Ebay again!!! lol

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