Not sure when to start testing?

Hi All

Not sure if you will remember me, but I had a MC on 10th October and you ladies have been so lovely in helping me when I've had questions about one thing or another, so hopefully you'll be able to help me again!! :lol:

Me and my DH decided to start TTC straight away after MC. AF came on 16/11 (first one after MC.) Before MC my cycle was always 28 days, like clockwork! The gap between MC and AF was 37 days.

My question is, when should I start using pg tests?? On the basis that I've gone back to 28 days then af should be due next Mon, if its a bit longer at 38 days then af will be due on 23/12. I haven't used OPK this month, but I think that I ovulated last Tues/Weds as CM was much thicker (sorry for TMI!)

I don't want to test too early and end up feeling dissapointed. Can anyone offer any advice?

Congratulations to all who have gotten BFP's over the last month or so - there does seem to be quite a few of you!! You give hope to those of us who have gone through MC's and are desperate to get BFP's also.



  • if you think you ov'd last tues/weds I'd go for testing next weds, 14days is about average for luteal phase, and it'll be between your 2 poss AF dates. I'm not very patient tho, and I always test fairly early. If BFN's upset you then wait til xmas eve. if AF hasn't arrived you have a really good chance at a xmas BFP.
    good luck!!
  • I would say test 28 days after your last AF. Good luck! I'm approaching mid cycle now so I'll find out around Christmas Eve!
  • Hi hun,

    I agree with Gems count approx 14 days after when you think you ov'ed as your cyles can be a little out after mc wereas some go back to normal.

    Good Luck sweetie xxx
  • i agree with laujai and gems, good luck hun!!
  • Hi All - Just a little update for you!! Still no sign of AF.... It may be in my head, and I don't want to get carried away with myself, but I do "feel" pregnant i.e. I've had a few symptoms, light cramping, stabbing pains around my tummy which I had early in my last pregnancy, reallyyyyyy sore boobs. Usually by now I'd know if AF was on her way........ oooooooo how exciting!!

    I'm off our to buy some superdrug tests at lunchtime today to start testing tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed!! xx
  • Good luck hun! Keep us posted xx
  • ooh how exciting, good luck. will keep my fingers crossed for your bfp in the morning!!
  • Hello again all. Still no sign of AF. I feel "feeling" like I'm about to come on, then nothing. I did a pregnancy test this morning but got a BFN. Although last time I was pregnant I didn't find out until 5 days after AF was due. I think I'll just wait until Christmas Eve now and will try again then if AF hasn't shown. Why can't things be straightforward!! xx
  • Sorry about the BFN Lisa. I'm going to test on 23 Dec so it'll be around same time as you. I feel a bit like you - sore boobs and pains in my ovaries, but I've also got backache which is a sure sgn of PMT for me. I can't bear to wait another 5 days but I'm adamant I won't test early. We're going away on Sun for 3 days so I've promised myself I won't take the tests with me.

    Fingers crossed for both of us next week x
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