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Well ladies i got my BFP begining of this month i am 7 weeks tomo have had bleeding today :cry::cry:

Have to wait till monday for my scan but am sure i will be returning to you ladies :cry::cry:


Well ladies i wanted to say thank you so much for all your post and i am soooooo happy everything went well imageimageimageimage

hope you ladies wil be coming over soon wish you all the luck in the world and sending you loads of baby dust x x x x x x x x x x

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  • Oh hun so sorry to hear this, I hope everything will be ok and will be thinking of you on Monday.

    Fingers crossed

  • Fingers crossed and here's hoping that it's nothing more than a scare x x
  • Oh no, I'm so sad to hear that pet. It might not be bad news though, several ladies on here have had bleeds early on and still had healthy babies.

    Fingers crossed for you for Monday pet. xx
  • Oh MJ I really hope everything is ok at your scan on Monday.

    Fingers crossed for you x
  • I hope it's not bad news, you'll be in my thoughts, I know what you're going through.
    All my fingers and toes are crossed for you xx
  • hi sweet,

    I hope everything is ok for you.

    Fingers Crossed

  • really hope there's nothing wrong
    have read bleeding early on is really common, sending lucky thoughts your way xxx
  • I replyed in preg ..... as i am stalking you image

    I hope your not coming back misses i am hoping to join you in preg.

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Huge huggles)))))))))))))))))))
    and keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Go chill with you lovely boy x

    God i a m a proper stalker i am almost crying :cry:
    gems x
  • hey ladies thanks for your replys

    I hope i am not back in the nicest way lol

    i had bleeding with my DS so hoping its all ok the wait is killing me already LOL

    Gembags sweet i hope i do stay in preg and you join me sweet its nice to have a stalker LOL :lol::lol::lol:

    Well the DS is at nannys for the night so OH is taking me for Thai to take my mine of it

    Will fill you ladies in on monday x x x
  • O hun, I really hope everything is fine, I know how awful the waiting is. Try and relax and keep your feet up xx
  • fingers crossed for you mj- will be thinking of you monday xxxx
  • So sorry hun, hope things go well 4 monday!!
  • Hey sweetie, keeping fingers crossed that its the little bean bedding in deep! xxx
  • MJ, remember PMA! I'm sure that little bean will just be snuggling in getting a little more comfortable. Make sure you relax and OH spoils you. Fingers crossed for scan x
  • How are you today hun
    Hope your nice and chilled with LO not about for the evening.
    Keep my fingers crossed for you 2mro and ill be thiinking of you xxxxx
  • hey gembags thanks for the post i feel the same as i have for the whole time i have been preg so hoping its a good sign just want tog get through today and ill be happy i just want to find out either way??

    ill post on here as soon as i have been and got home ladies

    Thanks for all your messages and thanks wannabeamummy PMA all the way x x x x
  • Oh hun, im so sorry to hear that youve had a bleed! Im sure it will just be a blip and as you said you had bleeding with your lo so im sure your scan on monday will give peace of mind! Good like hun, ill be thinking of you xxx
  • oh hun I hope that everything is OK and it was just a scare. Good luck for tomorrow
  • aww hun, hope everything ok tomorrow.xxxxxxxxxx
  • Good Luck today mj. Will be thinking of you sending you all of our pma and wishes xxx
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