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Help please- whats going on..?

Hi girls...!
My cycle started 1st December, normally lasts 28-33 days. Been bedding lots and lots. Started testing with sticks 11th Dec, came up Go GO (lol) last 5 days!?!? And i started some slight spotting after a wee today- normally happens a day or two before AF is due.....

I think my AF is due start of Jan so i am confused about why i am spotting already??

So anooying... hate AF! Lol

Ta for any advice...



  • Hi, I didn't want to read and run. I couldn't really tell you what's going on there, but you may have experienced implantation bleeding. I haven't experienced it myself, but I am sure some of the ladies here could give you more info on it x x
  • I wondered about that but i thought that the last few months...!

    But this month it is way too early for Af??!!!

  • How much spotting is there hun?

  • Sorry for TMI...

    A tiny amount, very light clear blood. Not everytime i go to the toilet, just twice today.
  • Could well be implantation as this depends to happen (if it does at all) 7-10 days after ov which sounds about right!

    Good luck hun

  • I hope so, not getting my hopes up yet though. Will keep you all updated....x
  • Hi
    I have been spotting the last few days, and today its been even more so i think AF is on its way. Really disspaointed this month, really tried not to get my hopes up but couldnt stop myself!!
    Thanks for all your advice...
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