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Lower back pain...

You know when they say lower back pain can be a sign, what kind of pain is it? As i type i've got this sharp stabbing pain in my lower back on the left. I never have problems with my back. What do you think?

Thanks for any help x


  • hey poppy- funny that you are asking this as I am having the same problem- it is not constant- but every once in a while it get me- i'm 8dpo- how about you- i'm full of pma this month- so hoping a good sign!!!!
  • Hi Ally,
    I had it again this morning, i can't think what it could be, i've not pulled my back or anything...

    I think i'm around 11dpo (ish) so to be honest i thought i'd be having more signs now, all i've got is sore boobs around the sides and underneath and i usually get af pain atleast a week before i'm due on and i think i should be due on this weekend but still no pain which is v strange for me!

    I think i may have felt a little sick when i woke up his morning, and now just after breakfast, but that could be in my head!

    I really hope it's a good sign! Fingers crossed hey x
  • i have had really bad back pain for the last few days think im about 5 dpo but not too sure lol. i have heard its something to do with your uterus changing shape getting ready for implantation, but it can also be a lot of other things apparently, for example for me i have just come of the pill in november and that can be a symptom, im just hoping that i have hit lucky in my first month lol.

  • Has anyone had this and got a bfp?

    It's not a dull ache which is what i've heard most people describe their lower back pain as, and it's not constant.

    I've still not got af pain either and if i'm not due on for over a week that would be a really long cycle!

    I'm also getting a lot of pains in both ovaries, like twinges.

    Still got sore boobs underneath and at the sides but it seems to of faded slightly.

    I've also had a faint headache on and off for a few days.

    I hate this waiting!!
  • my back ache is actually gone today, but i was getting funny twinges downstairs the other day, and i feel really bloated, what i have heard about the back ache thing is that it is like cramps you get when your on, this is just from family members and friends who have had kids.

    Im hoping for my bfp soon cant test till 6th jan xx
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