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The Christmas present I REALLY wanted...

Well I caved in a day early and tested today and got a BFP!!!


I had a hunch as my boobs have been sore and I've got aching ovaries but I'm still really pleasantly surprised. It took 4 months to conceive last time and this time it's happened in the first month!

I hope I'm not upsetting anyone with my news and I really hope you all get healthy BFPs soon.

The one thing that's slightly worrying me is that I have a bit of backache too. I had a tiny implantation bleed last Friday and a sharp-ish abdom pain on the same afternoon. I think dull backache isn't a bad sign but sharp pains aren't good as I've had these with both my mmcs. I've got aching ovaries too but I also had this with pg with DS so I'm thinking that's just the hormones working overtime.

Anyway, spirits are high tonight and I'm sure I'll hit lots of worried periods in the next 3 months so I'm going to smile while the going is good.

Merry Christmas everyone! image

x x x


  • Makka that is such lovely news, I am sooooo pleased for you.

    It is always so lovely when one of us gets their bfp!!

    Try not to worry about the backache (hard I know) I'm sure it is just backache and nothing sinister.

    Have an ace Chrimbo - what did your oh say? Have you told him yet??
  • Hooray!!! What lovely news - many congratulations, I hope this is a smooth and easy pregnancy.
  • Many congratulations sweetie, REALLY pleased for you and hubs.

    Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months

  • Congratulations hun!!

    I had sharp pains mainly on left side in early few weeks this time round and was told it was likely to be the ligaments softening and stretching and that it may be more painful due to the recent MC.

    Wishing you, bean and family a very merry christmas xx
  • congrats hun!!
  • yeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations hun! that's fab news,
    im so pleased for you

  • aww so happy for ya hun! That's fantastic news, what a great Christmas present for you both xx
  • Makka Pakka,
    That's fantastic news!
    Have a brilliant Christmas xxx
  • makka!!!! yeah!! finally i see some bfp!! fab news
  • what an ace crimbo pressie! xxxx
  • Congratulations Makka Pakka! Really good news, so pleased for you! Do you know your edd? Please try not to worry too much, this is your time so enjoy itimage
  • Congrats. x
  • Wooooo Hooooooo! What fab news, I'm so pleased for you! Take it easy and have an amzing crimbo with little bean! x x x
  • Congratulations hun that is fantastic news xxxx
  • Thanks for the all the lovely messages. I hope the BFPs are contagiuos guys. EDD is 2 Sept x
  • Ah, that is lovely news. Sorry I missed your post the first time. Congratulations!! xx
  • Congratulations what a great xmas
  • I am really thrilled for you. I hope 2010 will bring joy to all of the angels who visit this website. Can I gate crash and also say a huge thank you to everyone who has read and responded to my topics as well. I have got more compassion from here then I did from friends, co-workers and even some family members. Someone must have looked down on me and pointed me to this place as I don't know whether I would have got through the last 6 weeks without this site. Thank you.
  • Congratulations hun xx
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