LH surge!! yayyyyyy :)

Hi girls, as some of you know we have decided to ttc again without waiting for an AF so I have been using my ov sticks and today I have my positive! So happy that it means things are working the way they should, plenty of BD'ing to be done now in the next day or 2, wish me luck!! image xx


  • Yay! Can I be nosey and ask how long it's been since your mc? Just wondering as I'm waiting for my first AF which is really getting me down and would like an idea of how long I will be waiting for (ish!) Thanks

  • Hi Rainbow, my mc was the 13th December (I was 6 weeks) so I was expecting to be waiting for ages as well, can't believe I'm back to normal so quick!
    Really hope your not waiting long hun, when was your mc? xx
  • Hi Huni,

    Thanks for that. I thought you'd been 6 weeks too. I had my mc on 24th November at 6 weeks so I was hoping that my AF would have arrived by now or about now. My (.)(.) really feel like they did when I was pg by I got a BFN this morning so not quite sure what's going on.

  • It's awful being stuck in limbo isn't it! Maybe it's a shy bean? Hope your not waiting for answers to much longer hun xx
  • good luck huni!! hope you have a fun few daysimage
  • thanks gemgemsimage xx
  • have fun days bd and keeping fingers crossed for you!
  • woo hoo huni! good luck! i'm waiting for af, due anytime soon and can't wait now to ttc again x x
  • I'm really excited! Just dread the 2 ww and (possibly) the bfn because I have myself so hyped up now it'll be such a kick in the stomach if we fail image

    Hope AF arrives asap for ya Mafia!! xx
  • Huni
    That's brilliant!
    Great news about LH surge.
    image Good luck xxx
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