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urgent advice needed! false positives???

iv had heartburn, sore boobs mood swings galore and cramping...feel af due tomorrow (i think a lil all over atm) so poas and got 6faint positives on ebay cheapies but a bfn on clear blue?? i even made oh peoas (ebay cheapie) suprise suprise he got a bfn.....HELP !! xx xx


  • Hey hun,

    What CB are you using? Can you get your hands on a Superdrug or Tesco test as I think CB aren't as sensitive. Oh and lol at your OH POAS for you, mine often asks if he can do a HPT :lol:

    Good luck hunny and let us know how you get on x
  • i got 2 bfp and 2 negatives on cbd if you didn't use first pee then some times it can say neg esp if you just drank loads of water i'm 19 weeks. 6 positives are positives however faint! congratulations xxxx
  • Congrats!!! a positive is a positive hun and as someone said the CB are nowhere near as sensitive as some tests (they only detect level 50 whereas FR is 25 or something) and if you didn't use fmu then that would be another reason. Wait a few days a take another CB, just so you see the words "pregnant" appear, it's a great feeling!

    Congrats again!! xx
  • think it's a positive! Congrats, try FR or some women say the superdrug hpt is just as sensitive. Congratulations!
  • aww hun, really hope its your bfp. have you tried a s/drug, tesco or fr like the girls said they are a bit more sensitive.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • sounds good xxxxxx
  • i poas at 1pm ish....just took another and once again faint positive! omg i really hope i get a sticky one! i only used cb dig and ebay cheapies
    , not fr or tesco ect, i still think its going to be a neg! when should i try again?? xxx xxx
  • Use fmu tmw, keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx
  • thankyou! oh really excited says any positive is a positive...just really scared xx xx
  • Hi hun, congrats and really hope you get your BFP hun wait a few days and then try a CB, how many DPO are you? when was you af due?

  • it was due 23 but ov was late i ovdon the 14th so that makes me almost 14 days past ov so af due tomorrow, im not sure what to make of it all xx
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