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eeeeeek a BFP...what next??

Don't quite believe it n keep looking at it again n again.....what next?????x


  • LOL bless you well in our area we go to GP who gives you a pack of info and stuff and sends your details to the midwife who then contacts you.
    Many congrats here's to a healthy and happy 9 months!
  • Congrats!!! make a doctor appointment, and they will refer you to a midwife. You then get an app with her which lasts about an hour when she'll take blood samples etc and ask your family history for your notes.

    Hope you have a happy & healthy 9 months xx
  • Congratulations!! image xXx
  • A massive congrats hun and enjoy the next 9 months xx
  • Congratulations image xx
  • Thanks for your replies, I am really in shock just keep looking at it and hubby is away today so can't wait for him to come home. Just keep thinking the test must be wrong!!! x
  • hi hun, a line is a line so dont worry about it. What dpo did you test? did you get an early result.

    Bet you cant wait to show your hubby he will be over the moon xx
  • i'm on 18dpo and was too scared to test! Yes can't wait to show hubby and the line came up immediately so I thought that it was the control line that was showing. I am a little naive with all things like this so rang my boss and friend who is presently pregnant and asked her! much squealing ensued, don't think our area manager will be too pleased now! lol x
  • Jules congratulations!

    I just got mine 10 mins ago too! 16dpo and honestly didn't think i was. I can't quite believe it!

    Fingers crossed for us both x
  • massive congrats!! yay xx
  • jules and poppy i may stick close to u i also got my bfp today! xx
  • Ah tianna congratulations, its so exciting, I checked my edd and its 31 August which is same date my neice was born! Hope we all have sticky beans.

    Just told my hubby and he is in shock and won't believe it till he sees a scan pic! ahhh x
  • congrats jules - what fab news!
  • fab news hun, H&H 9 months.xxxxxxxxxx
  • yay congrats!!
  • congratulations hun xx
  • congratulations hun xx
  • yay! Congratulations sweetie!xxx
  • Firstyl I want to say a huge congratulations to you. With my lo it tooks several weeks for it to sink in and it all seems much more real when you see the scan pics image

    Secondly, I presume you are taking your folic acid tablets. You can book an apt with your gp, alternatively you can go straight to your midwife and book and apt. I only went to my Gp as my hubby had recently moved into the area and we needed to have our 1st apt with a dr. Unfortunately he didnt pass the message onto the midwife and had a late scan as a result.
    I personally would just ring your surgery and ask for the midwifes contact details and away you go image
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