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Hi Boo!!

Just saw that you're online and i thought i'd say hello!!

Cameron's still napping so i'm enjoying some time to myself, we've been to toddlers this morning and it's obviously worn him out!!

Hope you're all well
Take care
Dawn xx


  • Hi Dawn
    thought i'd say hi here! How are you?
    We've just got back from ethans music class, i've put him on the sofa in front of fireman sam in the hope he'll have a nap!!
    Thank goodness you told me about the active topics as neither my lightbulbs or the purple numbers are working!
    Hope you've had a nice day xx
  • Hi Tasha

    We've had a good day thanks, Cameron's still asleep i'm hoping he'll wake soon otherwise he'll never sleep tonight!!
    My lightbulbs are all wonky too, they're showing unread posts that i read days ago.

    Take care
    Dawn xx
  • My light bulbs and numbers have been doing that for a while but now they've just gone!!!

    Ambers slept lots today as she's not well again so i'm hoping that it won't make tonight worse than usual!

    just found out Gillans going to china with work probably before Christmas!!!!
  • Oh Tasha,
    Thats not what you need this time of year. Is it a short visit so that he will be back before christmas? How long will he be gone for.
    I bet you and the children will really miss him.
  • Hi Tasha
    Hope you and Ethan are OK!! Is Amber reacting to her food again? Bronwyn is tired due to her routine being disrupted over the last few days. I need her to sleep well later as we have a very early start tomorrow!!

    What job does Gillan do? I am assuming that you will have him home for Christmas?
  • Hi all,

    I hope you are ok.We have had a school friend round for tea tonight, Jack has really enjoyed it.

    Tasha, how's Amber today? Not too bad I hope. Is Ethan being good for you?

    I hope to catch someone tonight as last night was quiet when I came on.

    Zoe x
  • Hi All!

    Since my last post we've heard from gillans boss saying it may be jan he goes instead but if it is in december he'll go on the 9th and be home on the 15th so won't be too bad. Gillan works for his parents business and i think they'll helpme with the kids as they'll feel guilty for sending him so far away!! He's an electrical/ electronic engineer.

    Amber got what we thought was another tummy bug over the weekend. We'd been tld if that happened to ring the dietician. Looking back at ambers food diary, she said amber has developed a 'bug' each time she's had pear for about 10 days. She's convinced ambers had a reaction I hadn't twigged as it's different from her normal reaction. This now seems to disprove the previous diagnosis. We've taken a stool sample (lovely) to the hos so will hopefully get some answers this time.

    I have to say i'm absolutely gutted this time it just feels like we're never going to be able to give her a meal or any food at all (she's on no solids again) and i'm afraid i got very tearful at tots today when asked about it.

    Sorry for being miserable!! Chat soon xx
  • What an essay Tasha!
    I bet you are pleased that Gillan will be home for Christmas.

    I am sure the professionals will get to the bottom of Ambers eating problems. It's obviously very frustrating for you both at the minute, but things should get better. My
    cousin was allergic to almost everything as a kid, grass and some gases included!!

    Oh balls! Just watching the weather forecast, dense and freezing fog forecast for tonight. Just what i need!!!!
  • Hi caroline,

    the hospital have been fantastic and we get to speak to someone whenever we need to so i do trust they'll get this sorted.

    Is Bronwyn asleep now? What time are you leaving for the airport?
  • Bronwyn is dozing off on me. Was going to give her a lavender bath and massage. She's not very well, bit of a cold. I want to get her settled for 8. We are leaving at about 2.30am. Not looking forward to it. I need sleep!!
  • Thanks Boo!
    I have a feeling that I am not going to get enough sleep and then the journey will be a nightmare! I am pretty tired after having my mates over and their kids were up 2 or 3 hours before our usual getup time! I can't wait to have a lie in on friday, unless I am woken up by the stranger in my bed!!!!!!
  • Hi Tasha,

    Lots of cyber hugs coming your way. Try not to be to disappointed, I'm sure you will get all the answers you require with a little more time. Amber seems such a happy little girl, what she hasn't had she can't miss so she's not to know.

    I'm always here, you know how to get me if you want.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Hi all, hope you are all well.

    tasha, try not to get too downhearted, they'll soon have Amber sorted. You know we are always here to sound off at.

    Caroline, Make sure you drive carefully tonight.

    Hi Zoe, Jack sounds like he's enjoying school and making new friends.

    Hi Boo.

    Dont think ive missed anyone.

    Kas xx
  • Hi Tasha

    I'm sorry that Amber's feeling poorly, try not to worry too much (daft thing to say i know!!)
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