ovulation dates... can you help me out?

i am pregnant but wanted to try and know when i conceived and thought you ladies might be able to help me.

my first date of my last period was 4th Sept and lasted 3 days
my average cycle is 30 days
as a rule you ovulate approx 2 weeks afer your period has finished yes?

when i had my 12 week scan on the 9th Dec they told me baby was 12 weeks and 2 days.
if you count that amount back from the 9th Dec it gets you to 21st Sept yeah?

theyve told me my due date is 21st June.. (so from 21st Sept to 21st June is 40 weeks yeah?)

pls can someone tell me if this looks about right? image
will put my mind at rest xx :cry:


  • Hey Worldcupbaby
    Your ment to ovulate on day 14 of ur cycle (1st day of ur af being day 1). But some women like myself ovulate a little late like day 16. Plus when u think about it when u ovulate it takes time for the little bean to implant...
    Hope this helps xx
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