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I am just sooo confused. For the past couple of days i haven't been feeling myself. Feel very faint and out of it quite a lot. I have been really nauseous and my mouth tastes disgusting, i have had lower back pain, aching legs and hips and little niggles in my stomach.

I feel pregnant, i don't think i ever have before but for some reason i feel it this month, and the other day a friend made me an omellete (sp?) and it wasn't cooked properly. Any other time i probably wouldn't have even noticed and i would have wolfed it down but for some reason i looked at it and just had a "raw egg could harm my baby" moment which was really strange!!!!

I usually have all these funny symptoms but usually i dont actually feel pregnant. I just don't want to do that test and it be a BFN!!! I am sick of seeing them now and haven't bothered wasting money on tests. I am tempted to nip to town and get a superdrug test but i have no idea what to do.

I never got a peak this month and i think we BD'ed twice so i have no idea when or even if i OV'ed, i have no idea how many dpo i am or when AF is due!!! It is just sooo frustrating when my body does this to me!!!!

Any advice anyone????

Tink xxxx


  • Hello Tink

    To be honest most of my friends that have had babies say that they new that they were pregnant before they had any symptoms and tested!!
    From what you say, it sounds really promising!!! I would say just do a test to put yourself out of misery. I know its upsetting to get BFN, but at least you will know were you stand. I hope you get a BFP hun xxx
  • I know it's hard and I was in a similar situation last month, unfortunately mine was a BFN but AF still hasn't turned up and on CD 56 now! You need to test to check if you are BFP so that you don't do anything to hurt the bean.
    I totally understand how frustrating TTC is especially when you feel so positively one minute and then negatively next.
    Fingers crossed for a BFP for you
  • I know how awful seeing a BFN is but as the other ladies said testing is the only way to ease the worry one way or the other. Really hope it's a BFP, all the symptoms are sounding good!! xx
  • Hay tink,

    I know seeing BFN's are very hard but there might be a little bean in there wanting mummy to rest xxxxx

    I saw yet another BFN thismorning but at least i know i can pig out on the dryroasted nuts image YumYum
    Superdrug have 2 boxes of 2 for ??8 Thats only ??2 a test image :lol:

    Do u have a poundland they have tests just to help a poas addict image ME image

    Good Luck hun hoping this is it for you xxxxxx
  • hi Tink
    don't have anything to add to what other ladies said but wanted to say that I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    when did you have your last high on CBFM?
    and which cd are you?
  • I think i am CD35 and my last high was CD26. I went to superdrug and got a test. I had to get 2 for ??6 because all the boxes of 2 were gone :\(

    I will take them home and test in the morning. Sometimes i wake up thinking i will test and my mind tells me not to so i will see what happens tomorrow.

    Why is this so bloody frustrating image xx
  • Should i leave it till CD40 and then if AF doesnt show her face will be 14dpo (well i wont i will be 14 days past my last high but then i know i havent OV'ed afterwards)??????????????????/

    What do we think?? xx
  • Hi hun if you can wait that long ha ha.???? I know it must be devastating for you seeing BFN month after month so i just wanted to say that I really really hope this is the month you get that well earned, well deserved BFP.Its only month 2 for us and am getting fed up already and I dont have a CBFM or anything he he.Chin up honey xx
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