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She walked!

I am so proud today, Jessica has done a few steps without holding on!
She did about five at one point without realising, she had stood up and was holding her toy phone and just started walking!


  • Yeah Jessica. Well done, there's no stopping her now Simone.
  • I know i was so excited!
  • When Charl first walked ( 2nd May Bank Holiday Monday this year) I made her jump because I screamed I was so excited. Luckily it didn't stop her from doing it again!
  • Hurray Jessica, well done sweetie!!!

    I bet you were thrilled Simone. What an exciting week for you both.

    Keep it up Jessica.
    It all starts now!!
    Kas xx
  • Ah thats lovely simone. Well done Jessica
  • Yay!!! Go Jessica, well done!!
    You must be so excited!!
    Like Kas said now the fun really starts! xxxxx
  • Wow, well done Jessica!!!!!
    You must be so proud!!!
  • I hope she carries on trying! she doesn't seem to like it if you try and make her walk!
  • Niamh was the same, as soon as you tried to encourage it more, she'd never do it, we just had to let her get on with it in her own time. You'll soon be looking back and wondering what it was like before she walked.
  • I went and brought her a pair of shoes today from clarks as no other shoes will fit her and stay on, OMG how expensive are they!!!
  • We did that with Katelin, as soon as she could walk we bought her a dolls pram(and a doll of course).Just a little cheapy for £4.99.
  • I think i might get her a dolls pram, just a normal one, not one of those posh ones that look good enough for a real baby!
  • Did you get the photo taken at Clarks?
    They didnt do one for us and we were gutted. Oh well.

    Niamhs got 2 of those cheapy buggies, they are great as they fold so small and she has a spare when her friends come over. Today we had a friend over and they "took their babies to the zoo". It was so sweet watching them.

    Kas xx
  • that's really cute Kas!!
    Ethan likes playing with a buggy too, my inlaws bought him a blue baby just before Amber was born but it's always bob the builder or his cuddly policeman that takes a ride in the buggy!!

    I was lucky with ethans 1st pair of shoes as he took his first steps in mid jan, when i went to clarks, the sale was still on so i got his 1st clark shoes for £5! Unfortunately this meant we didn't get the pic but it was worth it to save the money!
  • Thats really sweet Kas.
    Yes i did get the picture, i didn't realise they did that.
    I thought having a baby was expensive before, but this is when it gets really expensive, buying shoes all the time!
  • Congratulations

    Everything out the way and up high.

  • Well Done Jessica!!!
    You must be so proud Simone! She'll be running next!

    My godson had a buggy to push his cars in!!!!! Well, what else would you put in a buggy?
  • She has been trying alot more today and can even stand up from the floor without holding on!
    Im very lucky with Jessica as she seems to know what she isn't aloud to touch ie the fire place, bookshelf and the dvd player!
  • Have not updatede this post for ages!
    But as most of you know Jessica is now walking all the time, it only took her a couple of weeks to get the hang of it!
    Now the fun is starting as she has decided that she can run as well! It is funny to watch, but also worrying as she goes so fast and can't quite control it yet and im always worried she is going to fall over!
  • I know what you mean Simone, Your heart is in your mouth most of the time!!!!
    Its scary. They have no fear at all and dont realise that they are turning our hair grey!!!( or is that just me cos I'm getting on a bit now?).
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