Oh well..... :cry:

Hi Ladies,

I did a superdrug test this morning and the test window couldn't have been any whiter. And like a fool i laid in bed last night with all these feelings going on in my stomach and i actually got excited!!!!

Never mind eh!!!

tink xx


  • Ah Tink, I am so sorry to hear that. I think we are all the same, however many BFNs we see we can't help but ss and get excited. Fingers crossed for a shy bean hun xx
  • thank you hun....i am just sick of been let down constantly. then again more fool me for getting excited because i dont usually! xx
  • Hi Tink ... I know how you are feeling my AF came two days early (Xmas eve) and I had such a feeling I was PG this month. Just try to stay positive .
    It never gets easier each month but I think you get over it quicker and start thinking that the next month is the one.
    But as Magpie says it might be a shy one x
  • Might just be too soon hun-sending you some PMA!
  • ((((hugs))))
    hope the others are right and it was too soon to test.
    Sending you lots of PMA
  • ((((hugs)))) every bfn is a kick in the stomach to see, really hope it's a shy bean in there hun xx
  • I did a Superdrug test yesterday - big white space too. Grrrr! It's so frustrating. How many dpo are you Tink? Here's hoping for a little shy bean for you. It's hard to be positive but just remember that it's not entirely over until the witch comes to visit!x
  • Thanks everyone.

    Wisher - i have no idea what dpo i am. I have been using CBFM and i didnt get a peak this month. I got my first high on CD13 and my last high on CD26, i am now on CD36. I had some EWCM around CD20 but then i had it everyday after that sooooo i really have no idea!!!! Only BD'ed 2-3 times though as i have been poorly so doubt it is my month. Just getting some strange symptoms that i have never had before :\( xx
  • Well Tink - my fingers are crossed for you! Just hold out to test again in a few days if no af. That's what I'm going to do too - I've had EWCM at silly times this month so I'm a bit unsure when I ov too. This ttc malarkey is too much like hard work - where are the storks when you need them?! lol!x
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