Is there a difference?

Apologies if this has already come up, but is there a difference between the clear blue fertility monitor and the clear blue ovulation tests or is it the same thing? I have just got the ovulation tests from Amazon, 7 sticks for ??15 - not bad, cheaper than Boots I believe. Does anyone else use these ovulation sticks? If so, how have you been getting on with them? I'm currently CD7, guess I should start testing around CD11, CD12?? Any info much appreciated! Zxx


  • Hey there

    The difference is that the monitor gives you more fertile days, whereas the sticks only tell you when you ovulate. With the monitor you get a series of "highs" before ov, so you kinda get a few days warning and are able to up the anti, bd wise (giggle).

    I have used both the sticks and the monitor and found both really easy to use and read - far easier than the fr ones, where you have to "read" two lines. With the clear blue it is so straight forward. They are pricey though, I suppose the price reflects the amount of technology in them!!

  • Thanks moonandstars. Will give them a go and see how I get on. Zxx
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