What is a LP please?


ive been wondering this for a while, is LP your luteul phase and is that the time between OVing and AF?

Is it always 14 days. Like my AF is over a week late, so does that mean i OVd a week later than i thought i did, or can my LP be a week longer this cycle?

Thank you


  • Yes, LP stands for luteal phase and it is the time between ov and af.

    Mine is not always 14 days. This cycle it was 15 but the last one was 12 days long.

    I could just be a freak though. ;\)
  • Thank you, i just think these things up!!!

    Oh and im sure you arent a freak. Anyway im sure most of the female population would be freaks if they kept all of these things on their computers like we do!!

    Oh P.S, im sure mine is positivley freaky too.
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