Is folic acid a must?

Finally after years of planning we are ttc. I stopped my pill last week but am still awaiting my period, is it ok to go ahead and bd or should we await my first period?
Also I have heard a lot about taking folic acid when ttc, is this a must? To begin with me and oh would like to be casual about ttc and really just not prevent it rather than trying to make it happen (if that makes sense, lol!)
Any help would be greatly appreciated?!


  • Folic acid IS important as it helps with the formation of the brain, skull and spinal column. if you are planning to TTC whether casually or not, you should be taking folic acid.
  • Absolutely, get down to the nearest shop and buy, buy, buy! xx
  • Thanks girls!
    Do I have to make an appointment with the doctors to get folic acid or can it be bought from any chemists?
  • I agree with the other ladies, it's very important!! xx
  • Thanks girls!
    Do I need to go to the doctors to get it prescribed or can it be bought from the chemists?
  • no you can just buy it in boots or anywhere like that.
  • I started using 'Mum and Bump' from Sainsburys, but you can also get folic acid from asda, tescos etc xx
  • I'm on pregnacare as well, it's great because it has all the vitamins and things as well but it can be expensive!
    The one thing I wanted to say is avoid vitamin A!! It can be very bad for any potential pregnancies, alot of mutivitamins will have it as well so be sure to read the labels before you buy any xx
  • V V important as stops spina bifida and neural problems and reduces chance of problems in the tubes like ectopic pregnancy (even though i had one and was taking folic acid!)

    They are so cheap to buy and are a must have x x x
  • G/C from pregnancy.... Yes, buy it and take it. Tesco were doing it 3 for 2 not long ago - I think I paid less than a ??1 a tub for 120 tablets so 360 tablets for under ??3, which considering they're one a day is a whole year's supply. When you get pregnant, they will ask you at every midwife appointment whether you took folic acid before you were pregnant, when you found out (and if this is the case how far along you were when you started) and the preference is that you take it for 3 months before conceiving.
    Hubby and I were like you - I stopped the pill, we were very casual and didn't monitor ovulation or actively try and have sex on the 'right' days or anything like that and I was pregnant within 6 weeks of stopping the pill (now 16+6). I worked out when we must have conceived and it was during a month when both of us had been ill and we'd had sex twice all month!!!! How pathetic! The day we conceived was not the day I would have expected to be ovulating either - I must ovulate very late.
    So.... in summary, yes folic acid is very important, buy it and start taking it now, and you might end up pregnant sooner than you think - whether you 'try' or not!
  • hi i use mother to be by sanatogen they are about five pounds they have all the vits in that you also need.x
  • hi hun, good luck with ttc hope you dont have to wait to long for your bfp. i am taking santogn mother to be like jay79 and hubby is taking father to be. its got folic acid in it and i really think im feeling the benefits of all the other vits in them.x
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