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TTCing makes me feel so lonely

Hi Girls,
been feeling dreadful the past few days, really low and upset (got yet another BFN on NYE!) I've realised that I'm really lonely!! OH is great but doesn't understand and just keeps telling me to be patient and we don't want anyone to know that we are TTCing so got no one else to talk to!
It's crazy how alone you can feel in a room full of people. BE is my only escape! Does anyone else feel the same?

How can I stop this dreaded sense of loneliness?:cry:


  • Hi...I know how you feel!! If it wasn't for this site and YAYW I don't know what I'd do!! My hubby is the same, he's great to talk to about things but he also keeps saying just be patient, it'll happen in time etc etc. He was talking about booking a summer holiday to give us something to look forward to and I said but I might be pregnant by then and he said yes but you also might not be!! Which is very true but also not what I want to hear!!
    We're not telling any of our friends or family that we're ttc either and I find it so hard having this big thing inside my head all the time that I can't discuss with my best friends.
    All I can say is that the ladies on here are so friendly and helpful and I know it's not the same as chatting to a friend face to face but it's a great place to chat to people who are going through exactly what you are.
    How long have you been ttc hun?? Sending you a hug!! xx
  • I'd agree with not telling everyone you're trying. I wish I never had, as it was a year ago and had an MC along the way as well. but do you have one or 2 close friends/family you could tell and make sure they know you don't want others to know? I have one good friend and obvo my family who know about the MC, and I talk to me friend and my SIL to be about it, but not really anyone else apart from BE ladies. but sometimes it is nice to have a face to face chat not just a virtual one.

    if that wouldn't work for you then come on here more!! :lol:
  • Hi honey

    I can really empathise with how you are feeling. There are a few people who know we are trying but I don't actually discuss the ins and outs of it with them. I never realised just how long two weeks is until we started ttc. I feel like I am constantly waiting (waiting for ov, waiting for af, waiting to fall pg) and like my life is on hold, which is a horrible feeling.

    Is there someone close that you trust that you can confide in? I know your oh isn't keen on anyone knowing you are ttc, but if it helps you feel better about it...... what about your mum?

    And ofcourse you have everyone here on BE. Don't know where I would have been without them, these last few months.
  • i was like that. nobody knew we were trying and everyone around me seems to be falling pregnant. doesnt help that we have family constantly hinting at us for the "next one". a couple of month ago i got into a conversation with a friend and found out that they have been trying bout the same time as us. i feel as though i have let off a little steam but really dont know what i would do without you girls.xxxxxx
  • yea same here, love in the BE sisterhood! GENUINLEY REALLY REALLY HOPE EVERYONE gets bfp soon xxx
  • Thanks everyone, it makes me feel better that I am not alone and other people feel the same way. Not sure I feel comfortable telling anyone as I think I might put more pressure on myself and hubby. We've been TTCing for 8 months now, not long compared to some people but long enough!
    I think that the loneliness stems from feeling inadequate and not being able to get pregant straight away (totally stupid I know, but I can't help it). Going to go to the doctors next week (4th visit) to start tests so will have to see how it goes.

    Thank you all for sharing how you feel with me x
  • Good luck at the doctors and wishing you lots of luck for your BFP. It's very easy to be hard on yourself and think that it's down to you that you're not pregnant already, but just remember that it's one of the few things in life that is completely out of your control! I completely understand how you feel about not telling people because that's my reason too - I couldn't bear people to keep asking whether we'd had any luck yet or assuming things every time I declined an alcoholic drink etc!
    Good luck hun. xx
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