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Chickenpox 2nd time around

Hi everyone,
Aaron has got chickenpox again. He had it when he was 5 1/2 months old and it was really bad. He was covered from head to toe and felt poorly with a temperature.
And now he has it again, the spots so far are not too bad but he was feeling poorly and had a temp over 39.c. With the help of the magic potion(calpol) he is feeling brighter and his temp has come down.
Its quite rare to get it again but it is possible esp if the first time was when you were under 6 months, but 2nd time around is normally milder. So here's hoping!!!!


  • Hi Lucyanne,

    I had heard it wasn't impossible not to get them again. I hope he is ok. Any sign of Katelin getting them yet? I have to say it sounds inevitable if Aarons got them.
  • Nope, no spots as yet, but she has been in a strop for most of the day so I dont know if anything is brewing.
    She has also not had a sleep so that may be why she was moody. She knew Aaron was here and refused to go to bed.

    To look at him you'd think nothing was wrong as the spots are just on his tummy and back at the moment, and a couple on his legs.
    There's no escape for Katelin now!
  • Jack was like that he only had two spots on his face so to look at him you wouldn't have thought he had it. He did get them on his head but you couldn't really see them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Katelin, she's likely to get them i just hope she's not too poorly.

    Take care.
  • Hi Lucyanne i have replied tou you in the nail biting post!
    Sorry to hear he has chicken pox again xx
  • Ooops i meant nail cutting!
  • Poor Aaron what a nightmare when you thought you'd have been in the clear with him getting it. I hope if Kaitlin gets it (i'm afraid that's probably likely) that she's not too poorly.

    I'm really surprised that Ethan hasn't had it yet, we go to a lot of tots groups and the children there are always getting chicken pox but he never gets it.

    He's going to be a pageboy next feb, whats the betting he suddenly gets it then?!!

    I hope Aarons ok Lucyanne xxx
  • Thanks Tasha

    Apparently it goes in epidemics autumn and spring so if Ethan gets away with it this season then he will probably be ok in feb for the wedding.
    Still cant believe it was him and not katelin!
  • Hi Lucyanne, Hows Aaron feeling today? Hope he isnt suffering too much this time round.

    Any sign of Katelin getting them yet?
    Hope alls ok with you!!

    Tasha, whos Ethan being pageboy for, he'll look gorgeous.

    Kas xx
  • Morning Kas

    He's being a pageboy for my oldest friend she's his godmother and i was thrilled when she asked. They've now decided he'll be ringbearer which i'm so worried about and will spend the whole service checking what he's doing!

    It's on feb 2nd which is my dads 60th birthday but my parents have been invited too so we'll celebrate with my dad the next day. It will be a very busy weekend!!

    Lucyanne, I hope the family are doing well today xxx
  • Thanks for asking Kas & Tasha,
    I've replied on MY VERY OWN POST!!!!!! (thanks tasha)Good morning me!
  • image

    I've found the photo we took of Charl when she had them. Poor thing.
  • Bless her Zoe, she looks like she was covered in them
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