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Where can you buy child paints ?

My lo is 9 months old and i'd like to try some messy play with her so I was thinking maybe some paints ? I dont know where to get them though ? I looked at the early learning centre but they only had paints for older children and i wasnt sure that these are right. I just want some bog standard childrens paint pots, nothing fancy at all.

Anyone know a good place to get these ??


  • Do you have a wilkos near you? Can get them from there or asda do them so i should imagine Tesco do as well.I bought some from asda to do thankyou cards with my lo a few wks ago and he now 11wks! Oh and just passing on an idea (hope you dont mind) i used some cheap wahing up type sponges! xx
  • tecso, asda etc, hobbycraft, smyths, toyrus etc etc xx
  • Have you tried making your own? You could use food! Blitz up some carrots and you have orange. Then it doesn't matter if your lo puts it in their mouth cause its safe. You could make heaps of colors with different food. x
  • We just got given some from Tesco - along with a plastic mat from the same shop!
  • You should check for this on Ebay or Amazon

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