How long do you wait to take a test??

Hi everyone : )

Countdown to TTC is now 7 days !! Sooo excited : ) Goodbye pill !

How many days late do you leave it before taking a test? I see on here a lot of people are posting that they are 7 days late and haven;t taken a test, and just wondered what the average time scale is.

I know if I was even half a day late I would be itching to take a test lol


  • i took a test a day early as i didnt want to find out on Christmas Day!!

    I think its only cost if you can keep sane without knowing!!! Also it might be a bit sad to see lots of BFNs, but i wouldnt say there's a rule.
    (hopefully you wont see any BFNs anyway-so it wont matter!!)
  • Hi Stace, you can take a test even before af is due. First response pregnancy test can tell you if you're pregnant 4 days (i think it's 4 days, maybe 5) before af is due, it's that sensitive. Obviously the longer you leave it the more hcg hormone is in your body and the more likely you are to get a positive. Sometimes it takes a while for the hcg to show up on a test, that's why some people do lots of tests and get bfns even though they are pregnant, it differs from woman to woman.
    I'd say the best time to test is from the day af is due as you're more likely to get a positive test then.
    Hope this makes sense!
  • Im naughty & test from about 7 days before i'm due image

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