Hey Ladies

Just me again.

So on friday im going for a blood test to see if i have PCOS.. I'm glad that i might actually find out whats wrong but also VERY scared.

No one in my family has it or has had problems with infertility, so this is all new for me.

Ill let u all know how it goes xx:\(


  • Good luck honey,
    i hope you get the answers you need, and the support there after.
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 15. I must only have a mild form as i'm not overweight (well i've put on a few lbs but that's from too much eating and not enough exercise) and i don't have facial hair etc that is linked to PCOS.
    I do however have irregular periods and don't always ovulate. And i have had to have very large cysts removed off my ovaries, 3 in total, again something linked to it.
    And then theres my history of mcs, which can be caused by PCOS.
    I also have endometriosis, again only mildly.

    I'm such a demick!! (think that spelling is right, not sure) :\)
  • Hi hun, I've recently been through this too and found out I have polycystic ovaries but not the syndrome- my blood tests were normal except slightly raised testosterone, but I have very irregular periods (40-140 days and counting) and ovary pain on and off. I had an ultrasound which showed up over 40cysts. This could be the next step for you, the transvaginal scan sounds horrible but I found it was ok.
    It's a scary thing, especially when hubby and I had to go to the fertility unit and have further tests arranged- to check my tubes and hubby's sperm. I'm also starting Clomid soon. But PCOS is very common and there are lots of success stories- keep positive if you can xx
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