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When waiting for AF after coming off the Pill

Hi Lovelies! Well, I am still waing for AF since coming off the Pill at the end of Nov, and I know that I could still have a long wait ahead of me! But does anyone know if I ought to be doing a HPT every couple of weeks or so whilst waiting? I have read a few times that you can still ov without AF (although I don't think it's too common) and vice versa but I don't want to waste my money on tests if it's unnecessary.
I don't have any specific AF or pregnancy symptoms, just a bit of dizziness, a little lower back pain and occasional twinges in the ovary areas, but none of these are constant and just come and go. My usual symptom for AF is terribly sore (.)(.) but I don't even have this.
Any advice about HPT during the wait would be much appreciated x x


  • hi ruthiespoon.
    i am in the same boat as you, had my withdrawal bleed for 2 days at beg of dec and nothing since. i have done 2 hpt's and both bfn's. i have been getting cramps for about a week now, some so bad, i think its AF about to arrive, but nothing comes! also got a bit of dizziness and sickness. no sore boobs or anything, but i never have that with AF.
    got yellowy Cm tday (sorry, tmi!) so not sure really.
    i reckon its just my body getting used to not being on pill, but its so frustrating, as i want to just get back to trying!
    sorry, not much help - but i'm the same as you and not sure what to do. xx
  • Make more room: Me Too! I came off the pill at start of Nov and apart from my withdrawal bleed (3dayslong) I have had nothing! HAve made my OH stop on the way home for a HPT just in case but I cannot imagine that I am: NO symptoms for AF at all. If I get to 10 weeks with nothing then I will make doc appointment.
    Have started o take Angus Castus to see if that kick starts anything!
  • Thanks for your replies. It is sooooo frustrating isn't it?! I even thought I had a faint 2nd line on a FR test on the day before New Year's eve, but when I tested on New Year's Day, there was nothing. Grrrrrr!! How cool would it be if we just had very shy beans growing inside us, rather than the Pill causing bodily chaos?! PMA! x x :lol:
  • haha, i know what you mean ruthie - i really wish i was pg!
    fingers crossed for us all xxxx
  • The HPT was a no! Didnt think I was but thought Ihad better check!
  • Hi ruthiespoon

    This is the first time I have posted in ages but I wanted to post on this topic. I came off the pill in May 2008 and didn't get my first period until January 2009, since then I have only had 3 periods. I went to my GP after 6 months of no-show and he was more worried about the weight I lost rather than the whole periods and lack of babies thing. I was told that the only time the NHS really worry about lack of periods (if you show no other ill signs) is when you can't get preggers and you have to have been trying for a year before you can get it looked at. So in other words I couldn't get help until May 2009. I am still no further along being sorted and everyone keeps saying its the withdraw from the pill. Beware is what I wanted to say, GP's don't want to get involved in all that until you quite a way down the road.
    As for testing, I was a nightmare but notw I don't think about it so much, it drove me mad at first. That is why I haven't been on this site in ages.
    Good luck to everyone and I hope it was just me and my mad body and you start seeing AF soon.

    Babylamb x x
  • Hi All,

    I came off the pill at the begining of Dec..had my withdrawal bleed but nothing since... Is it normal for me to be late or poss not get a period at all?? I haven't tested yet...not sure whether to wait a bit. As far as I was concerned missed period =PG! Not sure what I think now...

    Debs xx
  • Hiya just wanted to give my thoughts on this, stopped my pill at end of June 09 and had no sign of bleeding until 5days ago when I got my first af! Was so happy as I was really worried because I made it to the 6 month mark. Anyhow, during the first 4 months I went a bit mad and did probarbly 6 pregnancy tests, I was just so convinced I was pregnant. I know now that it was a waste of money but it puts your mind at rest so you know your not. Hang in their,and I know it seems like you have to wait so long but it will happen x x
  • Hi there, I am the same. Came off pill in Dec and had withdrawel bleed for six days, thought I was due on now but nothing. Had sore boobs, felt sick and generally odd which never had with periods but tests were negative. Only thing is we didn't use any other protection for the last 4 weeks, so not sure if ovulated or not.

    Well, I suppose it's just a case of sitting and waiting, which I am very impatient at doing.

    Good luck all, you don't realise what that little pill is doing do we?

    Trixy image
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