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Hi all

I'm a newbie but no one really knows our plans and I just wanted to get a couple of things off my chest really, I hope you don't mind.

Hubby and I just decided to start a family, I just turned 36 in December and we both decided now was the time. I would rather I was a little younger but thats just one of those things, my clock didn't start ticking until now. We agreed for me to come off the pill and have a couple of pill free months before we start and I have to apply for my job so need to wait for that too as I am the main earner.

The thing is I don't think hubby realised that I am concerned about my age and what if it takes ages to get pregnant and what if my job doesn't get approved (been acting into it for 4 years) but these things happen, if you know what I mean.

I'm also still confused with periods and stuff, was sure I was due today, but realise that my periods may take a while to get back to normal.

I just wanted to ask really, what people thought about my age and waiting and situation really. So so so sorry for the moan and good luck to all of you who are trying for you BFP. xxx



  • Hi Hun and welcome to BE!

    My friend gave birth to a baby boy in June, and then turned 37 (I think!) in October, and she's doing just fine, she wasn't TTC for ages either!

    TBH, I don't think age is a massive thing, it's just a number, it's how you feel that counts!

    When was your last AF, and when did you take your last pill?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for replying to me.

    My last period finished on the 16th, so will have started about the 9th. I came off the pill two weeks before that (half way through pack).

    I took a test just to make sure and it was negative but we didn't use anything since I came off pill (sorry tmi).

    Thanks again for your help.

  • I understand about the age thing, although im only 32 i still felt quite late to ttc for my first but my sister had her first at 36 through ivf (due to med probs) and 2nd at 38 naturally so there's still time. I think the key is to relax and be completely honest about your worries with your oh that way you will be less stressed. Hope any of this helps you- btw welcome to BE, ive had tons of help from all the girls on here and its great cos none of our friends know we're ttc. xxx
  • I know that over 30, you're classed as a geriatric mother in medicine. Which is a horrible thought really! But my Mum had my baby brother when she was 43! He started school and its the best thing she has ever done. There is about 14 years between him and the next sibling! But he hasnt noticed that yet! lol
    P,S She also caught really quickly and carried full terrm etc. Also on the maternity ward there was someone older than 43 but she would not give her real age awayimage
  • Thank you girls for your reassuring replies. I'm still waiting for AF to come along so I can track things but am just waiting patiently.

    Thank you for welcoming me too, it's difficult when you don't want to tell people but you want to get things off your chest and know you're not sounding mad.

    Thanks again.

    Trixy :\)
  • Hi Trixy, welcome to BE!

    I agree with what the other ladies have said, age is only a number really, the key is to relax and not stress yourself out.
    I recommend using ov sticks after your period shows up, they are fantastic as without them everything is more or less guess work! I use cheap ones off ebay that do the trick, though there are more expensive ones out there if you prefer them.
    In the mean time don't be afraid to ask any questions, the girls on here are brilliant, don't know I would cope without them! xx
  • Thanks Huni, I was going to try not to use anything but I think I need to at least work out when things are meant and not meant to happen as it can be expensive keep buying tests which I've just done.

    Thanks again.

    Trixy image
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