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Yay a Smiley!

Yay, a smiley face! :\) Only recently brought the clear blue ovulation test kit and tried testing Mon, CD11, (in the morning), no smiley, then thought I would test yesterday evening, and there it was, my little smiley! So we BD'd last night and will tonight, we have been B'ding leading up too, too, so I'm really hoping this month will be our month, please keep your fingers crossed for me. Zxx :\)


  • Great! Fingers crossed and good luck! :\)
  • fingers crossed honey.
  • good luck hun.

  • thanks guys, will keep you all updated Zxx
  • Fingers crossed hun what CD are you? am CD12 so too early for my pos just yet and am too ill to BD am full of cold.

    Good luck hun, fingers crossed xx
  • Hi SD, was wondering how you are?? Well, think I ovulated yesterday, so early days for me, AF due 22nd Jan - hope she doesn't appear this month! Fingers crossed for us both Zxx PS Hope you feel better soon hun
  • SD- forgot to say - I'm CD14 today!! So pretty much on the 2ww. Zxx
  • Hi hun am CD13 but have a 35-40 day cycle so am not expecting ov till later this week or monday. Am hoping am better by then, I feel lousy at the moment and totally dont feel like making a baby ha!!

    Am supposed to be doing SMEP this month but so far only managed to bd CD8 and CD10 due to cold.

  • I hope you do feel better soon, there seems to be a lot going round. LIke I said CD14 today for me, smack bang in the centre of my cycle, We BD'd quite a bit last week (soz if TMI!), had a break Mon, then BD's again Tues, Wed (day of ov), then prob will again Fri. Not really doing the whole SMEP thing, just doing it when we can, especially when I know I'm ovulating. Really hope its our month hun. Spoke to my friend tonight, she's 42, (1'm 35), her little girl is 18 months and she was talking about trying for baby 2, I know this sounds awful, but would be gutted if she fell again really quick. Would be happy for her tho, obviously!! Zxxx
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