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trying to be positive

Think im losing pma and im gonna cry:cry:. Im 6 dpo but im certain i can feel my af on the way, i know i should be calm and just wait to see if it arrives but im fed up and i don't want to cry infront of dh again as its been the same every month since Sept. im also worried as this is the first month i used an opk and im sure ive read that the time between ov and af arriving needs to be over 10 days?? what if its not and is there anything i can do?


  • Hunny calm down! I think that you are too worried about this. I'm sure that all of us always think we can feel AF coming early, ladies that don't go on to get BFP's & ladies that DO!

    I've cried at my OH for the last 6 or 7 months of TTC and he doesn't mind, he knows AF time can be emotional when not TTC so understands that I'm extra sensitive because it means we haven't made our bean. I'm sure your DH doesn't mind it any more than mine.

    IF it does turn out that your AF is early then I'm quite sure that there are vits or something that you can take to get your LP to over 10 days or the doctor would be able to help but I'm sure she's not coming so try to take it easy for the next week babe x

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  • BB thanks so much and i know you're right about everything, my dh is fab and if or when af does show i know he'll look after me. Im usually so realistic but i think cos it was the first time i used an opk and knew exactly when i ov'd it makes it a bit more accurate.
  • I know what you mean about everything being so accurate... the first time I used them I was so sure we would be getting our BFP as we had had 14 months of UPSI before starting OPK's. I had convinced myself we had been doing it all at the wrong times and now we had done it at the right time we had to be pregnant. Needless to say I wasn't.

    As you say you're usually realistic anyway but I just try not to get too caught up in SS'ing now, I'm using a free website to record my cycles and some symptoms but I tend to think of them more as observations than symptoms :lol: and just remind myself that everyones symptoms are so different, whats pregnancy for one person can be AF for another.

    Glad to hear that your DH would look after you good if AF was to arrive. Though I dare guess that like mine he would totally wrap you in cotton wool if it was a BFP too :lol: x
  • Woke up more positive today- no af as yet so im keeping my fingers crossed. If it does arrive its back to smep which is fun anyway. Thanks for the help BB xxx
  • Im so glad i read this thred. Im feeling really low today and am convinced that we havent done it again this month. Not sure if Ive got PMT or am just having a bad day but really pe'ed off and very irritable. OH upset me as he asked if it was PMT so I had a go at him for not being positive about this month!!!!! I feel like Im on an emotional rollercoaster each month. Its nice to know Im not alone!
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