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FAO anyone whose AF is MIA and been to docs

Just wondered what happened when you went to docs to discuss AF MIA?
Mine is still not here and wondered if they suggested anything?!



  • Hi Livvy,
    How long have you been waiting? A few of the ladies on here got their BFPs or AFs within a few months as it can take a while for things to settle down- is it beause you've finished the pill?

    I kept going to the docs as I had been waiting for Af for months and felt like he was fobbing me off- then I saw a female octor who was really sympathetic and sent me for tests etc so things are being looked into.

    I would set yourself time limits eg if it'[s not here by the end of this month I'll make an appointment.

    Some ladies have tried Agnus Castus a natural herb you can get from boots which is meant to help regulate your cycles it works for some but not others- and didn't for me.

    Hope this helps xxx
  • Hi Livvy - I've just replied to the thread we were chatting previously about not having AF after coming of the pill. I would make an appointment asap if you're worried because I feel like a weights been lifted by just having some tests, even though I don't know the results. I feel like I've done what I can now and hopefully soon I can stop stressing.
  • thanks ladies.
    mrsS (thats my name to!) - i saw your reply, thanks very much for the update.
    hope09 - its only been just over a month! i'm very impatient, but i will have to wait to see a doc i spose.
    i am buying some agnus castus as soon as i can get out of the house, so will see how that goes.
    anyway know how likley it is that i will OV during this time - with no AF? just wondered if it was worth using my ov tests? x
  • My GP said that you can ovulate without having AF. Also, if AF was still two weeks away then you could still be going to ovulate, if you see what I mean. AF will usually come because about 14 days earlier you ovulated and didn't conceive so until you get your AF there's always a chance you could still be about to ov. Maybe get some cheap tests from the internet? xx
  • Oh my gosh HappyMrsS, i never knew that. You and your Dr have made me so happy!! Im still waiting for my cbfm to arrive, but might just get some cheapy tests to see if we can still ttc this month!

    I wasnt on the pill but ive been waiting for AF now 13 days now 49 day cycle-normally 35.

    I went to the Dr and he was very kind, but couldnt really explain why AF was AWOL. He did do a preg test and he said i had no infections (but i never thought i did anyway). He said that seeing as i was sore it might be start of AF or a shy eptopic, so hopefully i'll break out in spots and i'll get AF.

    Not really much help seeing as i was a bit sore so he was more concerned with that.
  • I have been wondering about when to go and see my GP about my missing AF, mainly because I have no symptoms of her even thinking about dropping by for a visit. But after some of the ladies on here have said that their GPs weren't very sympathetic and won't help until AF hasn't shown up for 6 months or something (think one lady even said 1 year - YIKES!!) that it has kind of put me off. Oh, I'll see what happens next month. We have to be pregnant by March or stop trying until Nov as I am a bridesmaid in Jan and I don't think the bride will be happy if I am too fat for the dress!! :lol:
  • Ruthiespoon i was really scared the Dr would be mean but i was more worried that something was wrong.

    He was very kind, concerned about a pain i had, felt tummy, asked if i was taking folic acid. I gave him all the info id got from being on this site, like i knew about my cycle and asked quite good questions.

    I think he must have been happy to get someone who didnt moan or try to tell him his job as id seen it on google!! I gave him all the info i could, he was concerned and kind, and told me where i stood and what would happen in the two eventualities of what he thought was happening to my body.

  • Oh he sounds ace! I do have a nice doc, but as I haven't discussed coming off the Pill or ttc with him yet, I am just a little concerned that he'll fob me off (not nastily, as he's not like that) and tell me to come back in 6 months. But then again, if I don't ask, I will never know! Will maybe try to get an appointment when this snow has disappeared (don't do arctic driving conditions!!). image
  • I think you should go the dr ruthiespoon even if it's just to put your mind at rest. I feel better already having been and I haven't even got my results back yet! When I think about getting the blood results next week or going for a skin I get terrified that somethings wrong with me, but at the same time, if it turns out everythings ok then I'll know it's just a case of waiting. xx
  • Hello,

    My af is definitely missing!
    I'm on cd60 and have been really worried about what is happening with my body. Since coming off the pill my cycles have been 40 days and over but this is the longest one I've had.
    We have only been trying since November 09 but I went to the docs today to ask for advice.
    I have been taking agnus castus and evening primrose oil to help with my crazy hormones all the way through my cycle because I'm not certain if I am actually ovulating and even less certain of when that might be. Also doing temp charts and considering opks- not sure whether to buy saliva microscope or opks so any recommendations welcome!

    The doctor was really lovely and reassuring. I fully expected him to fob me off and tell me to come back in a year but he didn't thank goodness!
    He has booked me in for blood tests to find out whether I'm ovulating/to see whether there are any underlying probs and has asked for a sperm sample from my hubby too so I am feeling much better. He then said that depending on the results of our tests we would either be referred to the fertility clinic or I would be prescribed something to help regulate my cycles. He said to try not to worry too much about the missing af (easier said than done!) and if she hadn't arrived in the next couple of weeks, to come and see him again.

    So, I would recommend you going to your doctors and asking for advice and tell them how worried you have been about your missing af (I really went on about this to make sure he would do something!)
    I hope you get things sorted and that af arrives soon!

    Here's to lots of babymaking fun and bfps for us all!

    S x

  • Right, that's decided me then!! I will go to see my doc. I actually have been thinking about going this month but for something completely unrelated, so I am going to book an appointment and mention that we're ttc and that AF has done a runner on me.
    Thanks and baby dust to all x x
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