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So much PMA

hahaha i have been feeling so +ve image for a change I have PMA and i am going to get my BFP and i will be testing on my OH birthday such a fab prezzy for him.
or a really sh1t AF hahahahaha
Im going out on sat 2 gat some opk's and going to do SMEP imageimageimage

Hows it going ladys ??

anyone elce close to cd1??? thats going to get a BFP imageimageimage

gembags xx


  • hi hun, i have full on pma this i think cd should be here any day now (today or tomorrow) and i cant wait to get started again although i am only loosely following smep coz im not using opk's this month.

    i am teting just before valentines (long cycles) so i will keep quiet till then when i get my
  • hi gembags

    fingers tightly crossed for you that the PMA dose the job!

    i am trying to be super possitive but it is very hard
    image in on CD 16 due to OV around day 20 of approx 35 days in total.

    It just seems so long each month waitng for two magic days.
    still PMA will get us those BFP's

    i promise more PMA from here on in. xxxxx
  • Hi Gembags,
    Can you give me some of your PMA please mine has gone awol!!! Im 5dpo and already have huge (.)(.) (I get these every month so its not a pg symptom).
  • Hey Hunny,

    So glad your full of PMA image It has so got to be your turn very soon!!!

    I'm due to test Sunday and going from one extreme to the other with PMA! At the min its real low but 10 mins ago it was massively high :lol: We shall see xxx
  • my pma is back after a dip yday. Thought i could feel af coming vvv early yday (6dpo) and nearly had a breakdown till BroodyBeth calmed me down (thanks again). If i go by last cycle af would be due Mon, but if i go 14 days after ov it's next Thurs- so will test next Fri if af is a no show
  • Glad you are feeling more positive today Kaiti :\) xx
  • Thanx BB, my ss has a tendency to get out of hand esp cos im on snow days from school and ive done all my work lol xxx
  • Hiya Gembags and all you other ladies!

    I definately have a lot more PMA this month! Im on CD5 today, AF has just left the home! I have my OPKs at the ready and we are going for the SMEP this month too. Also started taking Boots Conceiving and Pregnancy' Vitamins too.
    The mothercare spring/summer brochure landed on the doormat too yesterday morning so have been having a sneaky peek at that to give me a bit more incentive!

    Good luck all!
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