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Always look on the bright side of life :D



  • Em, thats the song that no matter what always makes me smile!! :\)
  • Im whistling the tune in my head
    (only cos I cant actually whistle :lol: )

    Em - that song is perfect. You are so positive, no matter what! I will always think of you when I hear it now!
  • i think toby will be word perfect by tomorrow - note perfect might need abit more work because of his tutor!
  • Em, this positive attitude has got to get you through this. You are being so strong and every post you type just shows that more and more.

    I'm glad you've got your appointment too and not too long to wait - although I bet it feels like a lifetime. I have got my fingers and toes crossed that they've made some mega mistake and the results aren't as bad as you think.

    Sending loads and loads of love and big hugs

    Nici and Sophie xxx
  • We love you, Em x x x
  • Emily you are a true fighter and i am in awe of your positivity.. All my love Emily xx
  • Sarah is your singing voice like mine hun? Dylan weirdly likes his mummies singing he is obviously tone deaf image

    Thank you ladies glad you liked the song, may think of another later, but im going for a big walk with my dog, hubby, dylan, my friend Paula and her wife and their dog! Its gonna be cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    x x x x
  • Hi Em,

    Hope you enjoyed your walk in the fresh (aka chuffin' freezing) air.:lol:

    P.M.A & Big Hugs for Monday.

    We're all thinking of you.

    Laura & Edward

    How about the Bare Necessities for another song?
    Forget about your worries and your strifes...
  • Hi Em,

    So sorry I've not been on to post earlier - Finn has a cold and is as very needy!!

    Tonnes of Luck for Monday - sending lots of hugs and positive vibes your way! Will be thinking of you,
  • You do realise ladies I have to keep still dring this procedure and its going to take every ounce of strength I have not to sing always look on the bright side of life and now the bare neccessities (thanks Laura :lolimage so instead I shall sing it in my head and think of all you wonderful ladies image

    Had a brill walk was out 4 1/2 hours Dylan slept whole time, my hubby climbed trees to shake snow off all over the dogs and sledged down hills. Was nice to laugh and joke around for a bit, my friend will probably add pics to fb for all those who are on it so you can see the big kid I married up a tree :lol:

    x x x x
  • You should take your ipod in Em and play it on repeat!!

    Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow. What time is your scan?

  • Good luck for tomorrow xx
  • Hey ladies

    Alot of this is copied from Lauras post so forgive the repitition but this is going eventually in Dylans memory box so I want to keep it up to date.

    Well its not good. They didnt do the biopsy, they scanned my chest there is lymph node involvement near the origional tumour that was removed 3 years ago and spots on the tops of both lungs so its a recurrece.

    Im being referred back to christies probably for chemo and radiotherapy. Oh how I cant wait to go bald again!!!

    They cant operate on my neck yet, it has gone in the gaps between each vertabrae pressing the nerves and they would have to demolish my spine at both front and back and the risks outweigh the benefits at this time, it is however an option in the future as if it starts to press on my spinal cord they wont have much choice.

    I wont go into how bad the treatment on the ward was. The doctors and surgeons were amazing shame nursing staff ignored us for hours on end and didnt tell us what was going on. But it allowed me and hubby to talk and for him to ask me questions about what I wanted for Dylan in the future. We both leaked but we will still plan for his future, I might not be in it for long but I can still influence it and there are lots more memories to make yet

    Thank you ladies for thinking of me I really really appreciate it

    Em x x x x
  • Yet again, I think your strength is amazing, Em. Awful though it must feel, planning for Dylan's future - whatever of the outcome of your treatment - is a good thing: you'll be a part of it regardless. He will always love you, you will always be his mummy. Without you he wouldn't be here, and he will appreciate how massive that fact is one day, I've certainly realised fully what my mum and dad went through now I've got a baby of my own!

    I hope from the bottom of my heart that they can sort this for you. There are options, by the sounds of it, which is good. I'm not very happy that you seem to have had a hard time of it with nursing staff. It seems to be a recurring theme that hospitals just can't get basics right so I hope that's not repeated in future!

    I hope I haven't said anything out of turn, I am just full of thoughts about your situation but I'm not very eloquent!

    x x x
  • Em,

    I know that we're only "virtual" friends but please let us know if there is anything we can do for you and your family.

    We may not be able to do much what with us being scattered around the country but remember that we are all here for you anytime.

    Stay strong!

    Nothing but love for ya hunny!!

    Laura & Edward
  • Been away for over a week at mum's and just catching up ...

    I'm so sorry to read the update Emily, I'm in shock at the news and in awe at how brave and strong you are. I've no words hun ... but I'm thinking about you

    Sending massive virtual hugs and Freddie sends big dribbly kisses

    Welsh xxx
  • So sorry hon. There really are no words. You are one tough cookie though. Dylan is lucky to have a fighter for a mum. xx
  • I dont wanna be scared anymore :\)

    Thank you ladies for all your support

    x x x
  • just wanted to send my love and hugs hun x x x x
  • Em, you are such a wonderful strong woman and I really hope that they can do all that they can to help you. I know we havent all met but I feel like you ladies are all my friends. No matter what Dylan will know what a wonderful mum he has xxxxxx
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