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How long have you been TTC?

Hi ladies

Hope you do not mind me asking you all how long have you been trying so far? and how old you are?

MrsF xx

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  • Hi, have been TTC for just 4 months. I'm 35. Zx
  • Hi! This is just our second month of ttc our first baby. I am 26 and hubby is 30 x x
  • hiya, our 3rd month ttc baby number 1, im 24, hub 30 x what bout u hun, guessing 24 because of ur name lol?
  • weve been ttc since june 08 and im 26

    what about you?
  • I'm 22 and my OH is 27 and we had been TTC for 17months before we finally got our BFP today x
  • hello, im 25 so is hubby, been trying 6 months how about yourself?xx
  • Well we have decided to start TTC from April/May time but after reading up on here I have started to realise that it is not always that easy, I suppose I just presumed I would come off the pill and ...bamm pregnant ...but obviously being very naive here, starting to wonder if should come off the pill earlier just in case. Yes sianyp77 I am 24, same age as you (hubby is 31) xxx
  • Congratulations Broodybeth, you must be on cloud 9 right now!! I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy image xx
  • might be an idea to come off earlier to get a regular cycle, i havent been near a pill for 3 yrs and nothing is happening!!xx
  • congrats, broodybeth, fab news!!
    We've been trying on and off since june 09. I'm 24 and hubby is 27. Had the implanion removed in july 08 and cycles only just returning to normal, still on 40 days though, but are reducing each cycle!
  • I'd recommend coming off the Pill now too. I wish I had come off earlier! x
  • hiya,
    i'm 30, hubby is 22 and we've been ttc for 14 months xxx
  • OMG Am I the oldest woman on here TTC. Feel really old all of a sudden. Help!!:\?
  • with age comes experience and youre doing what makes you happy xx
  • G/C from due in march!

    I came off the pill 2 years before we began TTC as i didnt want the pill to be in my system when we started TTC.

    We were just careful for 2 years!! the first time we had unprotected sex (our wedding night) we fell pregnant.

    So my advice is to come off the pill as early as possible to give your body a chance to get back to normal

    Good luck with TTC ladies

  • ahh thanks deballen Zxx
  • yur not the oldest chick i no that x
  • thanks grudie. Zxx
  • I'm 26 and this is technically my second cycle ttc after having a miscarriage, I got my first BFP in the first month ttc xx
  • Hi hun,

    I am 30 and dh is 31, been ttc for 2 months and off the pill since beg July 09 xx
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