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FAO angel100 or anyone who uses FF

What do i doooo???

I put my temp in for today and it has marked it as tomorrow on the calendar!!! I dont understand!


tink xxxx


  • Hey pet, it let's you go in and edit what you've already put in so just put today's reading in & then tomorrow just overwrite what you've accidentally entered. xx
  • mrs r is right hun, it should just let you edit it. put the right temp in for today and then just re enter tomorrow when you take your

    how are you anyway hun, where are you in your cycle.xxxx
  • Do i just go on it everyday and just enter my temp and that is it? Along with any signs of CM etc??? xx
  • yeah hun, thats what i do, although im having a break this month. it usually detects ov after you temp dips really low then rises 3 times. it wont tell you when you are going to ov but it will tell you that you have,if that makes
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