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REALLY confused! Help!

here's my story (which i am sure a few of you have heard before....so apologies for repeating myself!)
i came off pill on 30th nov and not had af since.
i have been taking agnus castus for 4 days, and nothing, no af.

the last few weeks i have had cramping and i THOUGHT i OV last week, only because i had quite a lot of CM (i am usually VERY dry) since then, been a bit moist (tmi!) and its a bit yellowy.

i have COMPLETELY gone off wine and alcohol...it makes me feel sick. i am getting very bad heartburn...something i have never ever had (hence me thinking i was having a heartattack last night!!!!)
and just generally feel different.
i have taken 3 superdrug HPT;s over the last week/2 weeks. last one was this morning, BFN.

just wondered how to find out if i am DEF not preg - as dont want to continue with agnus castus, if i am? i know i am prob not, but just getting frustrated with no AF and not being able to start trying properly image

any help appreciated xx


  • grr i just wrote a reply and stupid BE lost it!!

    right the long and short of it is have you been to Dr at all- even about having no AF?

    It was that i went when i came off depo and got some tablets to regulate myself.

  • Hi

    Not sure what to suggest, but didn't want to read and run !

    Sounds very frustrating for you hun : ( I would maybe get the Dr to do a test for you and ask their advise. Not sure if the Dr test are more sensitive then home tests? Maybe a blood test or something to make doubely sure?

    Keep us posted on how you get on xx
  • not been to docs, might go this week then. as i am scared to take agnus castus without knowing for sure.
  • at least you can say that to the Dr and it'll show that you know whats what- i felt that helped with my visit.
  • oh thats good homefairy. i am just scared she will fob me off, but i think everyone is scared of that! i am sure she will be lovely. going at 4pm today, so wil let you all know how it goes.
    what did the doc say to you homefairy? xx
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