Are these classed as irregular cycles?

Hi everyone,

Me again!

I've been going through my cycle info and have noted down my cycle lengths for the past year.

They seem a bit all over the place although on average it's not out by a huge amount.

Would it be classed as irregular cycles?
Basically I wasn't worried until I saw it and now wondering if I should look into it more or speak to a doctor and see if that's why we're having a tough time ttc.

Here's my info since Jan 09...

Month 1 - 29 Days
Month 2- 28 Days
Month 3 - 39 Days (Looking back this could be a stress thing as hubby was injured in Iraq around this time)
Month 4 - 32
Month 5 - 32
Month 6 - 31
Month 7 - 35
Month 8 - 43 (Miscarriage but didn't know how to adjust the settings)
Month 9 - 34
Month 10- 30
Month 11 - 32

Thanks everone,

Amy xx

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  • your cycles are practically the same as mine!not sure if this is classed as irregular tho?xx
  • i wouldnt think these would be irregular to tell the truth.
    But you should go to the Dr if you are worried.
  • I wouldn't think these are irregular either as they are well within what a average period can be, they only deviate a few days here and there.

    Your LP is usually constant and the wait before can massively vary depending on stress etc. I would take all of your info to the doctor though if you are planning on going.

    My cycles have been
    27 - first bleed after AF

  • Hello, I would personally say that these aren't particularly irregular, and for someone with 8 weeks cycles these would be my dream!!! The two months that do eer on the long side you had very plausible explanations for. If you were worried about tracking OV you could look at a fertility monitor (tho you may well already have one!) as your cycles would fit within this perfectly.

    Hope that helps!
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