Anyone else taking EPO?

Hi ladies,

Just wondered if anyone else was taking Evening Primrose Oil?

I have and it did the trick the last 2 times so am hoping it works this time too, but i'm taking 2 capsules instead of 1 now (box says between 1 and 2).

I'm only cd11 but have noticed a huge increase in CM (sorry!) and have something going on down there, can't work out if it's cramping or just ache.

What were the symptoms you expereienced?

Can it make you ov early? Or is it just a normal sympton of EPO?

I've had quite irregular cycles from 28days to 43 days so wondering if i'm due a 28 day cycle this month? Haven't had one for about 10 months though.

Thank you,
Amyx xx


  • heyya! I'm not taking it yet but i will be if i dont get my BFP next week, am currectly 6dpo. I'm planning on taking 2 capsules a day which will be 2000mg. Are you only taking it up until OV? i track my ov with a cbfm so as soon as i ov i will stop taking them - they are known to cause minor contractions which is why ur only supposed to take it for the 1st half sot his could be the cause of what you're feeling! I'm ready a book by Zita West so although i sound very knowledgeable i only read it lastnight! xx
  • Hey hun,

    I take it too between AF and OV. I started taking it as soon as I came off the pill so not sure if it has actually improved my CM as I didn't see what it was like without, but I definitely have enough and always get EWCM at the right time to I'm going to keep taking it!!!

    Good luck both of you.x.
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