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implantation bleed or wishful thinking!!

ok, so this is only our third month ttc so still learning things!! lol

I am on CD16, I am not sure when I OV'd if I indeed have yet as we don't use opk's or anything. I normally have a 26 day cycle, although last month was 29 days!!

Anyway today when I went to the bathroom earlier and wiped (sorry TMI) it was pink but when I wiped again there was nothing and later when home from work and went to the bathroom and wiped it was pink again but now it's gone away again - I hope all that made sense!!

Anyway my question is it too early to have an implantation bleed, does this sound like one or is it just wishful thinking. I promised myself this month I would be more relaxed and not symptom spot but I just can't help myself!!

please can i have your opinions - thank you ladies xx


  • yeah i recon it could be fingers crossed image xxxx
  • thanks lilli_kick, I do hope so but I'm not getting my hopes up just in case - well not much anyway!! lol
  • yes i know what u mean bout getting ur hopes up but id take it as a good sign for sure... do u have reg periods or have they not returned yet? xx
  • they are always regular - 26 days everytime and have been off the pill for about 9 months and had no problems with them returning to normal, although only 3rd month of ttc ,it's just last month that it decided to do 29 days!! I blame the stress of christmas!! is your avatar a pic of your lo, she's gorgeous xx
  • ah well fingers crossed for u then.. how long did it take ur periods to return last time i only had initial blead and then got BFP straight away. Yes thats my Lo shes almost 7 and 1/2 months now and has 3teeth it goes so quick, iv been off pill for a month now... and we're going to be ttc pretty soon just got 2 get a couple hosp appts away 1st, i hope it happens as easily as last time... but every time is diff i suppose. When u going to test? xx
  • this is ttc for our first so it's all new to us, trying not to test until 23rd which will be day 28, unless AF shows up before then.

    good luck for when you start to ttc again xx
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