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Have you picked out baby names?

Anyone already picked their baby names? are you going to tell people them?

I dont think I will tell family/friends cos I don't want the 'you cant call your baby that' speech ! lol !


  • Oh yes! Had them for ages! Maisie for a girl, Alfie or Bradley for a boy. Haven't told any of my pregnant friends incase they steal them lol :lol:
  • we already have a little boy called samuel and im really loving the name poppy ( middle names: isabella rose) for a girl but OH is refusing to think about names as of yet haha! i need rose in there as its a middle name thats been passed down to me but i also love isabella as a middle name. ah decisions lol! no boys names :lol:
  • Oh yes! Had them for ages! Maisie for a girl, Alfie or Bradley for a boy. Haven't told any of my pregnant friends incase they steal them lol :lol:

    my ohs ex is preg (they still speak occasionally but we have many many mutual friends) with a girl and im twitching to know whats shes calling her. if she went with poppy or any other name i love i might have a heart attack image
  • Yes we've chosen ours! Stella Rosheen for a girl and Max James for a boy. James is DH's name, same as his dad so it's kind of carrying it on (I refused to name any future son James 3rd lol).
  • I always wanted to call my little girl Daisy or Lily, and wouldn't you believe it, our friends had a little girl and called her Daisy and our other friends are due in a few months time and have decided on Lily!

    I'm now quite keen on Dulcy for a little girl. I also really like Benjamin for a boy but hubby isn't fussed on either of these names! I suppose in the end, it depends upon what they look like when they pop out - my mam changed her mind completely on the name front when she had me so I was nameless for 2 weeks!
  • Hey! Well OH was very excited to think of names - and his family are irish so we have gone with irish names. Logan for a boy and Naomh (pronounced Nieve) for a girl image
  • hi, we have hope-louise for a girl and luke for a boy.girls name has been my favourite 4eva, boys name my hubby chose when we started ttc x
  • Wow, you've got it all planned, how to tell people, baby names!! I wish I shared your excitement!! x
  • me and OH havent agreed on names at all yet but I like Rachel or darcy for a girl and Mathew or Brodie for a boy
  • All that glitters- i want Poppy too!!
  • All that glitters- i want Poppy too!!

    its a lovely name isnt it image i hope you get your poppy soon! xx
  • i like Lily May for a girl and not sure about a boy, my daughter has a welsh name though and and id like my 2nd to have a welsh name too but theres none i like :/ xx
  • Hiya
    Our favourite name for a boy is Rhys. Loved it for ages but would never tell anyone till born - just in case anyone steals it or gives any crticism!!!
    Girls is difficult as I change my mind constantly!
  • I love Brooke for a loads of boys names...Dylan is def first choice..really like Jake and Josh too!!
  • Hi

    Had ours picked for a while Ethan or Logan for a boy and girls Isabelle (Izzy for short), Annabelle, Olyvia, Sophia, Maisie, Maddison so many to choose from for a lil girl not so many that me and oh can both agree on for a boy.

    Hubby also likes Skye for a girl x
  • ive picked mine also lol well kind of but ive had many months to ponder over them

    i have a son called Lennon already but another boy i would like to call his Nairn and for a girl Lily-rose or Mirren image
  • I keep changing my mind on names and so i have started writing them all down haha. fave girl's names at the moment are daisy and lola- i know she's a showgirl but hay- fave boy's name is Deacon. My problem is cos im a teacher all names link with kids in school and so if they're not nice or whatever it affects whether i still like the name.
  • Its funny how you think about names when you arent even pregnant yet lol. I like the names Neve and Taylor for a girl, havent thought of any boys names yet but there is plenty time for thatimage
    I like the name Nairn tho Grudie, quite unusual!! x
  • ist it even if it is a place in scotland being scottish i can get away with it lol we had it with Lennon but he doesnt look a Nairn lol next boy we have said will prob be called this

    im always curious to know Kaiti B do you have any lennons in your class??
  • Snugglenush i love the name Niamh, i have wanted it for 9 years since i saw it in a nursery i worked in! I am in love with it. My oh doesn't feel the same unfortunately image But what Jenny wants Jenny usually gets.. and i want Niamh!
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