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naomi's first competition please vote xxx

Her name is NAOMI DAVIS
please give us your vote (if you think she is cute) i have entered her into the huggies smiley competition.

please please vote



  • This i don't mind as it's for real, so i have voted for you and i hope she wins.
  • Welcome to PP!
    I have voted for you, she's very cute with a lovely smile!
    Good Luck, let us know how she gets on, Tasha x
  • hi Boo, have voted for Ethan.
  • hi Naomis mum, welcome to pp,
    Naomi is very cute.
    Hope to chat soon
    Kas xx
  • Boo, I am voting for Ethan. After all, he IS a model and I do 'know' you. If Naomi's mum comes back for a chat like you say then I will vote for her too but until then, synic that I am Ethan gets my vote!
  • Just tried cheating, and voting for Ethan twice but it would only let me do one.
  • Just voted for Ethan, he's such a handsome little chap!!!
  • Boo
    I am so sorry, because i have already voted, it won't let me do it again.
    I am over mil tomorrow so i will try on her computer x
  • Same here Boo and i'm sorry, Ethans gorgeous and of course has a fab name!!!
    I'm going to my parents tomorrow so like Simone, i'll try again xxx
  • Hi
    naomi mum have voted,cheeky littlt smile!
    Boo ive got both my sisters to vote for ya, x
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