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She got me tried to hide from her but she found me & a day early at that!!

Woke up at about 5am with serious cramps which have eased off now thanks to my trusted hot water bottle & feminax!!

Hope this one is smoother than last months & we dont have any surprises!!!

So I am armed & ready for nxt cycle & am determined to conceive a little luv bug.



  • My turn for you now!!!!
    Sorry the witch got you hun hopefully she'll not be around for long & you can get back to it!!!!
    I wish so much for you to get a sticky one you will be the best ever mum & what a lucky bean that will be.
    Wish i had the right words as i know what im trying to say just never know the right way to say it, You've made me feel better loads these last few months wish i could do more for you!!!!
    Lots of love hun
    Jacqui xxx
  • Oh hun that's so sweet of you your making me feel all emotional LOL bloody hormones!!

    What you talking about anyway you've been a great support to me & I couldnt ask for more.

  • Ahh thanks Crunchynut thats really sweet of you.

    Roxy is doing fine thanks hun she can be a little minx at times but she's so sweet proper mummy's girl LOL we couldnt have a big dog as live in a flat but I wouldnt change her.

    How are you doing? xxxx
  • Dont be silly hun it's very thoughtful & much appreciated, anyway I think im probably one of the biggest stalkers I gatecrash everywere these days LOL.

    Oh I hope you feel better soon, that's just what's needed I think a nice lazy day so you can recoup, im doing the the same thing except the pup is sprawled out on the floor instead of in her cosy bed or on my lap!!! xxx

  • Good luck for this month laujai, really hope this is it for you. Would be lovely if this 2ww were your last.

    Crossing all fingers and toes.
  • Awww laujai,

    Just seen your other post. Good luck with SMEPing if you decide to go for it. We're doing that this month too and really hoping it works as i'm only 7 months in but feeling it already image xxx
  • Thanks ladies, im feeling really great just had some good news will update on another post now.

    L&N would love to have a last 2ww LOL xx
  • Me too image
    Weird old stuff yesterday (really dark and with stringy bits!!) but proper AF today image
  • Sorry she got you too hun.

    That's what I get the horrible bits, with every AF tho!!!

    Not nice is it, here's to nxt month & getting a sticky love bug heh!! xx
  • Sorry to hear the cow bag got you both image miserable witch, though i think i'd prefer a day early rather than late... xxx
  • Definatley wouldve wasted another test otherwise!!! xxx
  • Sorry she found you hun image
    Will be keeping my fingers crossed that next month is 'your' month and that you will get a little luv bug (love that!) very, very soon xxx
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