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Hi guys,
Thought i'd introduce myself. I have been browsing here for a little while as we were planning to start TTC around the end of the year. However, we have decided to start TTC about April time :\)

I'm 21, my OH is 24. We have decided to start ttc this year as it works out a little better Maternity leave wise. We had an offer accepted on a house today and i'm coming off my pill tuesday so that i can hopefully get my cycles back to normal (ish) by the time we start trying. I am sooo excited now it's all starting to happen!

Look forward to seeing you all in TTC and hopefully pregnancy before long :\)


  • hi, welocme to BE! i have a little boy who is 9.5months old and we're hoping to start ttc no2 next month, its getting abit scary as iit gets close tho, ds was a 'surprise' so completely new to the ttc thing..

    good luck and hope u get ur BFP soon xx
  • Hi and welcome to BE. I have a little girl called Lucy who is 15 months old and we are planning on ttc in June/July for our second.

    Good luck with TTC x
  • hi,

    welcome to BE. its so exciting thinking about having a baby isn't it.
    i have a little girl who is only 5 1/2 months old
    so good luck to u.

  • Hiya,
    I'm new here too. We're getting married in may and going to start ttc then, can't wait.
    Congrats on your house. Whats it like? Any idea when you'll move in? How exciting!
  • I no what u mean siany, I'm coming off my pill Tuesday and I'm so nervous!!

    We are waiting to get a surveyor in at the mo, make sure its not going to start crumbling down lol, but hopefully be in within the next month because theres no chain.

    How old are you all if you don't mind me asking. I haven't told anybody we are planning a baby because I'm fairly young, but we have somewhere to live (hopefully soon) and can afford it. We are saving to get married in december 2012 hopefully and my mom is beside herself with excitement, so I can't imagine what she's going to be like when we tell her she's going to be a gran lol!
  • i'm 25, i had ds when i was 24, hopefully will have lo no2 at 26.....fingers crossed anyhoo. xx
  • i'm 25, i had ds when i was 24, hopefully will have lo no2 at 26.....fingers crossed anyhoo. xx
  • Good to meet you, im waiting till october!! image It's to hard, i don't know if we can. Im 21 also, hubby 24

  • hi lady2188

    im new here too and like you have come off the pill afew days ago, we plan to start ttc in afew months, congrats on buying a house too

    lots of luck
    woodfairy x
  • I have a lo who is 20months. After Af this month we will be officially ttc. However over the w/e we decided to not use contraception and figured that I should be out of the ovulation dates! Hopefully AF will arrive and officially ttc next month.

    My hubby will be wondering what has come over me as hardly had much sex over the last fortnight and i will be asking for it more regularly!

    I was 21 and hubby 27.5. Now 23 and hubby 29 ttc baby no 2
  • This site is so good, i was really worried that people would think i was too young but you realise there are so many ladies of all ages and circumstances!

    Last pill tonight image but not officially TTC until around april time so gotta use condoms till then :\( I must not give into the temptation of UPSI!!!

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