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i got my AF at last....wooo!

...haha, i bet there arent any posts like that normally - and next time i wont be so happy!
been waiting for 1st AF for 46 days (not that long, i know) and got it this morning! yay! i knew i was wanting to bite everyone's head off for the last 2 days, for a reason!!!!

now i can start ttc properly image



  • glad she arrived for you. let the ttc commence haha
    good luck x
  • Hopefully you wont be seeing another one of those for a while!!!
  • thanks ladies!
    i took agnus castus for the last 7 days and think it had something to do with it.
    cant wait to start ov testing! x
  • Glad your af came ttc time image

    Good Luck xx

    gems x
  • Ha ha glad she got you x
  • Glad she arrived Livvy!!! I got my first ever positive ov test last night...for the first time ever the line was as strong as the test line! So we BD and fingers crossed! I don't hold out much hope for it happening this time, but at least it hopefully means that my body is getting back to normal and AF should turn up in 2 weeks time (just in time for my holiday, but I'll be so pleased to see her I won't mind just this once!!!). Good luck for next month, hope it's your BFP month!! xx
  • Woo woo!
    I was just going to reply to your AC thread again...I got my af yesterday too so Im back on it with a vengeance, and evening primrose to boot just to make sure I get a normal must have done something good!
    Hopefully this will be our last af for a while though...!
    Hooray for af and finally being able to ttc again!
    Spanglepants x
  • good luck ttc chick xxxx
  • Thats positive news and let the games begin!!

    Good luck with TTC xx
  • thanks everyone!
    good luck mrsS - glad you got your positive ov! fingers crossed for you! this your first af? i an eager to know how long this cycle is going to be, so i know when i can test! when do you think - should i go by the last 'cycle' length? or if i get positive ov - i could wait 14dpo?
    going to try SMEP this month too - so loads of PMA! xx
  • Hi LivvyS

    That is great news, I waited 54 days for my first AF off the pill so I know how exciting it is once it finally turns up!! If I was you, I would go by when you ov and test 14dpo rather than just rely on cycle length. I just relied on cycle length this month thinking it would go straight back to normal and now I am on CD 49 waiting for my second AF!! At least if you test for ov and do it that way you will know what is going on even if your cycle is still a bit longer than normal this time round. Good luck hun! :\)

  • Hi LivvyS, am glad you got AF (LOL...that would normally be an insult) and that you can now start properly TTC. Also good to read that you are happier now, you seemed to get very down whilst waiting
    Good luck
  • hi shuck...thanks, i am def happier now. its just that no-one ever really tells you how much the pill f*cks up your body ('scuse my french!) and how long you may have to wait for af to come back....that is, untill you actually want to try for a baby!!!
    magpie, thanks for the advice, i will be testing for ov and then wait 14dpo then, cant wait for that BFP image
  • LivvyS - Lets hope this starts a trend, I have been waiting for AF since september!!!!!!! Fingers crossed I will be next!!image
  • LivvyS I am so pleased Angus Castus worked for you too!! Now you can get on with TTC. Keep us posted!
  • I'm in the same boat as you.... but I had my coil out in September, had some spotting at the start of December and my first real period starting Monday of this week!

    This was also about 12 hours after taking AC, so I think there is something to it.
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