I don't understand! Can anyone help?!


Ok so this might sound like a daft question but the more I think about the more I am not sure I understand!

The question is about ovulation and the LP. I have a very regular cycle of 27 days and I have read that a womans LP does not change from month to month. If I presume that my LP is 14 days does this mean I will always ovulated 14 days before my period is due?!

I havn't started using any OPK's yet but I have read lots of the posts on here about how peoples ovulation changes from month to month so does that mean your cycle length changes too?? If you ovulate at different times but you have a regular cycle and the LP does not change I don't understand!!!!

Does anyone know what I am talking about?!! :\)

Please tell me if I am being thick or if I am not making any sense!

MRs Cake xxx


  • I think you should be pretty regular to tell the truth. I dont really know too much, but i wouldnt think your cycle,LP and OVing dates would really change.

    Though id be really interested to hear what other people say about this.

  • Thanks for the reply HF.
    I feel like I am really missing something!
    Can anyone shed any light on my dumb question?!!

  • Hey sugar, normally your LP will stay the same and it OV that can change. So when you OV it should be 14 days till AF/BFP.
    Now some ladies can have slightly shorter/longer LP, so its just a general rule,

    No set rules hun, just have to wait and see what mother nature has in store! You think you have it sorted then it goes and changes. Most changes occur during times of high stress, and what is more stressful than ttc! lol!

    Good luck chook! xxx
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