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Hello to all my March 2008 Buddies. Hope you are doing good. Am doing so so.. its been long since I really wanted to type down something but never had a happy news to share as at the moment life is going through a series of un-fortunate events. Almost every week how much can one cry here. Today finally I decided on putting down some words together. After my last post on my fathers death, I rarely had time to even think that I am pregnant, so busy was I to sort out the business, my mother, my toddler, loans, banks and lawyers etc etc. Finally the docs started to scold me to concentrate on my health as I wasn't putting on any weight. I did loose my appetite and one night I decided to just leave all the stress and tension and come back here to my husband thinking things will be finer and stress free here. Usually an Indian gal would go for her delivery to her moms home as thats the best place where she can get rest and pampered but I was opposite. So by the end of the 7th month I was travelling with this toddler in a 9 hours flight and a baby in my womb. The flight was a nightmare coz Nick was sooo bored he kept going up and down the flight... he was sleepy but didn't sleep... he didn't eat well ... kept crying and throwing tantrums on the floor inviting more glares from the other passengers and I was like .. just wanted to get out of the flight ASAP. Once we were out at heathrow, they didn't give me his pram and he wasn't ready to walk... and there was nothing around to come and pick us up and take to the check out .... ahhhhh I just lifted him up and I dont know the rest just happened until I was panting and puffing to the luggage section which arrived after an hour n half's wait. Finally when I saw DH I was completely in tears and we both hugged him tight. Oh what a moment.

Finaly here at home everything wasn't going that smoothly either as the tensions continued. For 13 months, hubby is still without a job, so we had to further cut down our costs, most of the time is spent running and bending behind an unstoppable toddler cooking, feeding, playing with his. Nick started his nursery in December and brings home flu and cold with me and hubby catching it. I wasn't even taking any medicines and the cold/cough lasted almost 15-20days and a soar throat still exists.

Somehow we have managed to get lo to nap in his own cot. My regular appointments with the docs here continue. Who finally said that I have a small baby with small tummy and brain. I need to take plenty of rest and eat lots of healthy food. Which am doing now! silly me to realise now, how much happily the baby needs to grow inside me so that she can face this world when she is out. Yeah we did find out the sex and its a gal... am on cloud nine.. happy to have one of each sex... I would'nt have minded a boy either, simply passing Nick's used stuff would have saved so much of money ...cheeky me image. I even had an appointment with the consultant in the 27th week and requested her for a c-section saying to her am not as positive minded and mentally strong this time round like I was first time to go through the hard labour and end up in an ECS. She looked least bothered and said that she will discuss and try to change my mind by the 36th week and inspite of that if I feel like, than I can go in for a C. Ever since the 27th week I have been having repetitive nightmares of my first labour ... that am entering not in a labour suite for delivery but into a graveyard. They didn't have operation theaters available as everything was booked by the time I was having stronger contractions and they left me to go for a vaginal which I went on failing leading to another ECS. ******** nightmares. All the first delivery pictures kept coming back. I spoke about this to my GP and midwife and they were all assuring that the docs wont force you this time to go for a VBAC... yet my nightmares continued... loss of apetite... even today I cannot digest anything eaten after 7pm and I am burping like a giant which is scaring my lil one ... image Oh he is the only person who makes me smile with his pranks, singing and constant babbling through all these times and if not for him I would have been no where. Since hubby is at home he helps a lot doing almost all the work, but I just can't manage to sit still with some or the other chore to do.

Today I have a good news to share. After my meeting with the consultant, she said that as the baby is small.. we would like to go for the C-Section and booked my date for the 2nd of Feb. Yuppee... goodbye nightmares image My lil gal will be arriving very soon. We are going to name her as Tia (googled meaning - Princess). Just 3 weeks to go and I need to know from you how can I increase her weight and brain size. Am going to eat eat and eat now all the time. Hopefully the baby will put on weight. Do you have any secret recepies / advise for this? image

Sorry about my long post. But had to keep you updated. Want to congratulate Makka Pakka and Lemon Cupcake on their good news... oh am so happy for you. Lara I am looking forward to see you and chloe in next months baby magazine and tell everyone around... look she is my March 2008 Buddy here image. Dee I loved to read how you all celebrate XMas day.

Flickaty I started a new xmas tradition this year of sprinkling magic reindeer dust in the back garden so that they can see where to land, and leave a mince pie out for Santa. Claire how is Abigail doing?

Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year (sorry for the belated wishes though).

lots of love


  • HI there
    how lovely to hear from you. You have had a tough old time. Losing a parent is truly a hard thing to get over.

    Tia, what a lovely name. The 2nd Feb will come round so fast. I totally agree with you going for a section. You need to feel happy with your birth and have something to look forward to and not to fear.

    I can't wait to hear your news on your arrival.

    Recipes..hmm thats a tough one as I HATE cooking. One thing that my OH drank while he was ill years ago were those milk drinks that improve your appetite and are full of calories. They are like the opposite of Slim fast. Also, hot chocolate made with full fat milk and lots of sugar.

    D xxx
  • Thanks for your reply Dee.. My tough times continue. I remember you saying in one of the earlier posts, that all bad things happen in sequence of 3's but mine are just going on and on. Had a funny incident last night .. ended up in the A&E. Before I went to bed at around 11nish... brushed my teeth, washed my face and started cleaning my ear with an ear bud... and the ear bud got stuck in my ear.... oh nooooo... called up NHS direct and they advised me to get it removed ASAP in the hosp... so woke up lo, woke up husband and we were sitting in the A&E department to take this bud out with a pincer or something which was just a minutes job... but they had to go through a big process of recording that I m pregnant, had to feed it into the comp etc etc and finally at 4am we were back home with the bud removed in a second...hmmm imageimage

    ummm hot chocolate drink ... somehow this pregnancy am edicted to bournville chocolate added to whole milk... and microwaving it for 2 mins on high... its just so yummmm image let me make another drink for myself now .... image

  • awww you have been through a tough time hun.
    lets hope that you have some better times to come with your new little girl on the 2nd of feb! it will come round so fast, glad that you managed to get the ECS that you wanted.

    not sure about how rto increase babies weight, both of mine were over 8lb all i did was eat my own body weight in chocolate vevry day, lol.

    all the best
    flic and girls. xxxx
  • Oh no, thats bad!
    When Joseph was about 20 months he picked up a bud and put it in his ear. I chased him to get it and he fell pushing the bud deep in his ear. There was blood everywhere. This was Xmas Day!!!!!!!! grrrrrrr Luckily he had no lasting damage!

    d xx
  • Gosh that's scary Dee... my cousin did the same when she was a toddler and now she can't hear very clearly by that ear. TODDLER years!! we need to be so so careful with our little ones!!!

  • Sorry youre having a hard time. Sounds like you are doing a fab job tho, you will be a fab mum to two! Hope you get your birth sorted out, I'm in the same position. They want me to go for vbac too. Keep us posted.
  • I think everyone who has had a section for whatever reason should be able to chose another if they are scared. However, in my own experience a VBAC sounds like a good idea so long as you are not terrified. Even after Laurens horrific birth I was up and about and able to care for her whilst with Amelia I as so sore and ill for about 3 weeks. Just thought would put my experience across.
    d xx
  • Hi Bubbly,

    It's really lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for the congrats message. Congrats to you too! A gorgeous baby girl on the way!

    I'm sorry too that you've been having a hard time of it. Do keep chatting to your midwife and doc and be honest about how you're feeling, just in case things get worse and you end up feeling depressed.

    I kept having "falling" dreams when I had PND (I imagined rolling off the top of a skyscraper and I really didn't want to - it's a common anxiety dream apparently). Anyway, the treatment I had for PND really worked so if you do end up feeling a lot worse, don't be scared of talking to GP or MW about it.

    CS birth def sounds like the way forward - I'm so glad you've got that sorted.

    As for recipes, call me weird but Samuel and I are both really into spinach and cheese ommelettes! They're really quick and easy to make as you don't even need to cook the spinach. Must be packed full of iron as well which is the main nutrient pg women tend to be deficient in. Just beat 2 eggs, throw in an oiled pan, chuck on a load of washed fresh spinach and grate cheese on the top and cook until set (no runny eggs for you at the mo!). Bob's your uncle!

    My mate says I'm so lucky having a child that will eat this for lunch as her daughter will only eat cheese spread sandwiches for lunch and dinner at the moment!

    Keep in touch and good luck for Feb if we don't hear from you.

  • Hello

    Nic - One thing is, they wont force you to go for a VBAC. If you are in a similar situation like me then you can for sure convince them ... you know your body better (just imagine go through VBAC the second time around and end up with a ECS!!) But yeah like Dee says VBAC does have long term benefits. Two of my toddler group friends went in for a ECS first time round and had a successful VBAC second time and today swear by it. I'll keep you all posted on my birth story this time image But with the time, dates fixed, my mind is more relaxed and me and hubby are prepared mentally, Nick's nursery is booked for a whole day on the 2nd. Fridge stuffed with frozen food and mom's arriving to UK tomorrow yuppeee.

    Also... OH has finally found a job. He started today, though low priced in today's scenario, the company negotiated very hard with him on the pay part... funny though... they made him do a half price discount sale!! and then after a week forced him down for a further reduction 75% off. (that's the way I tease him) but he has ended up taking up the job.. says something is better than nothing... he has booked his holidays as well for the 2nd and 3rd

    Makka Pakka thanks for the spinach egg cheese recipe, Nick loves cheese am sure he is going to gobble it down .. will keep you all posted how everything goes on...

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