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Wait ttc after c-section?

I read on another post that someone had been advised to wait 12-18 months before ttc after a c-section and I wondered if anyone else had been told this, or any other information. We're not thinking about ttc yet, our LO is only a month old but if we do need to wait so long, it could be years before we have another and at 38, I don't have time on my side.

Were you advised to wait before ttc after your c-section? Would appreciate your comments, thanks xx


  • i was advised to wait 1yr ffrom c section til ttc, preferably 2, but i'm sticking with the one lol. i know mrs buttons was told 3 yrs!!!! i did ask, on the ttc web chat the other day and her answer was a bit vague...she said shld be at least one yr unless u don't have time on ur side...??? confused me a bit because either ur healed or ur not, regardless of age??? but then i know some people have been told there is no need to wait at all. i suppose it depends on how u feel and how ur scar is. we're hoping to start ttc bnxt month when ds wil be 11 months (so only just short of the yr lol, figured v unlikely to happen first month so will be 1yr+ anyway) ia am going to see my gp ebefore hand tho just to check my scar over. plus my persoanl belief is taht regadless of c section or natural birth u shld wait 9months+ anyway (no offence to anyone, just my own feelings on it) as they say ur womb takes 9 months to stretch, so 9 months to go back again, so i feel its best to wait 9 months to make sure thats all back to 'normal' anyway, iyswim. altho my sil feel pregnant after 6 months (vaginal delivery) and her youngest is perfectly fine, no pregnancy problems etc (she was 41 when she had him btw), if ur worried i wld say speak to ur gp or speak to a mw/gaeny and see what they say. hth xx
  • I was advised to wait 12 months before ttc but lo is now 10 months and we're trying to ttc, like siany says probably won't happen straight away so will be 1 yr +. Think though it depends on who you speak to from reading on here everyone is told different!!
  • i was told 2 hyears but they were prob just being cautious i am just going to wait a year !!!
    Even if you have a normal birth you should still wait a year for yr body to recover (apparantly) but my friend had 2 c-secs and waited 10 months to concieve no probs
  • I was originally told 2 years by a midwife, on discharge from hospital, but at a follow up appointment with my consultant, he said that was absolute rubbish! And wanted to know which midwife in paticular had told me that... He reassured me that 3 months was physically enough time. 11 months later I have just this week found out I am pregnantimage xx
  • i was told 1 year, 2 if poss...JJ is 16 months and i have just had a mc which was an unplanned pregnancy and my scar is fine inside (they actually looked at it when i had an internal scan) and out and they said we could ttc if we wanted after my next af x
  • i was never told anything either way!!
    but i concived our second DD 16 weeks after i had my first DD by section i never had any problems at all and during my 2nd section they mentioned how brilliant the scaring inside was and that there was no adeshions!
    so i think its a personal choice with how long you want to wait. hope this helps!!
    there is 12months and 19days between my girls.
    sam 36+5

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  • That's great, thanks so much everyone for your replies xx
  • I was never told how long to wait until ttc after my first c section.

    There are 14 months between my 2 boys and both were by c section. I had no problems at all and a better pregnancy second time round.

    A midwife I spoke to said the 2 years advice is old information and things have moved on from then, and there is no bigger risk if you have another baby relatively soon after the first.

  • I wasnt told either, but fell pregnant just b4 my ds 1st birthday, Lili was born 20 months after Rhys. My only problem was SPD which could have happened to me anyway. Do you know why you had a c sect, could this cause further issue in a2nd pregnancy?
  • we were advised 12-18 months, might try just after 12, but as LO is only a few weeks we will see how things go x
  • Hi we got told to wait atleast 6-12 months before trying for another baby, but we didnt get pregnant again until our lil man was 2!!x
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