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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...

I know this is a bit premature as the Jan thread is still in progress but im so excited about starting the smep & using my cbfm again that I couldnt resist LOL

Im currently on CD4 & hoping that AF doesnt out stay her welcome like she has done the last 2 cycles as we have to get started on CD8.

Was just saying to Clarehair im sorted for this month my list of weapons are CBFM, OPK's & HPT's, Preseed & sexy undies for when oh comes home tired LOL!!!

If anyone wants to join in the more the merrier ( we can still use the Jan thread as others are still due to test & bump this up later if needed).

Let's conceive ourselves a lurve bug (Obviously feb being valentines) that will be due somewere in Oct


AMY & RUBY -- 2nd Feb

EMMA.A -- 2nd Feb

HUNI -- 6th Feb

RAINBOW -- Feb 7th ***BFP***

MUM+4 -- Feb 9th

GUSSIE -- Feb 12th


LILYPOD -- Feb 14th

LAUJAI -- Feb 14th or 15th

MUFFIN34 -- Feb 15th

JOB81 -- Feb 16th


MrsDao --BFP


MRS WARD -- Feb 19th

ROCKY KIZ -- Feb 23rd

BREIGHLIN -- Feb 21st

BABYLUV -- Feb 26th

PURPLEBUBBLES -- End Feb (date tba)

KAZZIE1234 -- End Feb (date tba)

MISS88 -- End Feb (March 2nd)

GoodLuck Ladies xxx

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  • hi ya Laujai,

    yep please put me down for Feb - love all around!!!!!

    My body is being a bit naughty at the moment, so I have no idea when Ill be testing - put me down for the end of feb!

    lots of sticky baby dust to us all

    x x
  • Hi Laujai and Purple Bubbles

    I'd like to be added to as I am definately out for January. Here's hoping Feb brings us all great, big, fat BFP's. No idea when I will be testing as I am all out of sync so I best go down for the end of Feb too.

    Hugs to all xx
  • I've added you ladies, you can confirm a date when your ready.

    Good Luck xx
  • Yay! I've been waiting for a Feb thread!
    I'm ov'ing today and due to test on 2nd Feb xx
  • me me me me me me me me me! i think test date will be about 19 feb... 9 days after my due date... a lurve bug would cheer me up no end!!!!! xxx
  • oooh me too please. I'll be mid Feb I think. Feeling confident this month, I'd love a lurve bug xxx
  • Ooh how exciting! I don't think I'll actually be testing in Feb as we can't start ttc until after my next AF but I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to you all for Feb. Hope you all get your BFPs xxx
  • Hi ladies

    I've added the test dates for those of you that know when if anyone wants to add or change a date just let me know.

    Thanks Lucky Mummy hope to see you not far behind us, if you do get a test date just letus know & we'll add you in, feel free to join in the chatter though.

  • im so excited to see my name down on a testing thread!!!! it really has cheered me up!! yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh x

    TMI alert.......................... I think Ive finally stopped bleeding following hopefully we can start BD'ing really soon!!!!

    good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lots of love
    x x x

  • That's great news hun really glad that it's stopped at last & really pleased to hear you so excited. xxx
  • spoke a little too soon.....but its nearly stopping - so im happy!

    love bugs all around for us!!!

    x x x
  • It's a little too soon for me but if things get back to normal soon I will def join you!
    For now - good luck to you all xxxxx
  • Hiya Lau,

    I know I'm normally in ttc - but I wanted to be on the lurveeee bug list with you so am kinda gatecrashing :lol: (but technically I *should* be here anyhow with the 3 chems in the last year)

    So...witch rolled up on Sunday giving me a 34 day cycle last time (longest ever - aside from the chems, no idea what my stupid body is playing at now :x ) but that makes me CD3 today and on for a lurvee bug image

    Now I aint going into DIO without you madam so..come on...get it together and let's do battle 8\)

    Test date for me will be...... drum roll please.....

    St Valentines day image ooooooooohhhhh!! Wouldn't it be just the most perfect valentines gift??!!

    Watch out are gonna be one worn out little fella image:lol:
  • Hi Laujai - I will be testing around 2nd Feb. Emma
  • Hey girlies

    Opalfruit thanks hun, hope that you'll be joining in soon but feel free to join in the chat, everyone is welcome.

    Lily I was gona txt you & say join this thread but I see you have so thats great, sorry didnt txt you back the other day phone was playing up, think cause I txt so many LOL!!

    Valentines woo hoo what a great day to test oh I could test that day to probably as think AF would be due 15th YAY!

    Welcome Emma I will add your test date now.

    Good Luck everyone xx
  • Hi guys, pretty sure I'm going to be testing around the 16th Feb xxx
  • Ok Jo will change the date for you xx
  • Hi, Please put me down for valentines day too just finishing my first af since mc so I will be 3 days late by then if cycle still as before. How exciting !!! xx
  • Ohh Hi Lilypod

    Another Valentines tester, how exciting.

    Good Luck hun may cupid work his magic & give us all sticky BFP!! xxx
  • Thanks Laujai x x x
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