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Weigh ins!

Ideal weight loss is - 38lb - 8st 10lb (size 8/10)
Interim target loss (wedding weight) - 29lb - 9st 5lb ( size 10/12)

I'm only 5ft (exactly) and healthy weight range for my height is 7st 4lb - 9st 2lb. I've always been muscular thanks (or no thanks) to being very athletic as a child/ teenager so always weigh a little heavier than I look. I can't say at the moment though that muscle weighs heavier than fat as I'm not sure where the muscle is! lol

18/1 - 11st 6lb (size 14/16)
25/1 - 11st 2lb (4lb loss) :\) 25lb to go!
01/2 - 10st 13lb (3lb loss) 22lb to go!
08/2 - 10st 12lb (1lb loss) 21lb to go! (size 14)
15/2 - 10st 11lb (1lb loss) 20lb to go!
22/2 - 10st 10lb (1lb loss) 19lb to go!
1/3 - 10st 10lb (stayed the same) 19lb to go!
8/3 - 10st 9lb (1lb loss) 18 lbs to go! (size 12! - still a bit tight but they're on! lol)
15/3 - 10st 9lb (stayed the same) 18lbs to go!
22/3 - 10st 9lb (stayed the same again!) - 18lbs to go!
29/3 - 10st 10lb - 1lb gain 19lbs to go!

11/3 - got my old work pants on today! They are tight but have still been wearing my maternity trousers until this week so was a major milestone!

22/3 - stayed the same again! Need to get my backside into gear before Jack's christening in June!

29/3 = well it had to happen. Dont know how many Easter eggs I've bought - then eaten! lol. Just polished off a Lindor one (thanks mam) I'm 32 and still get an Easter egg from my mam. ;\)

Decided to add my weight so I can keep track of it and think it will keep me more motivated to see it written down!

K x

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  • Diet started on 01/01/10 - 10'8
    17/1 - 10'4 - 4lbs lost - 18lbs to go
    24/1 - 10st - 4lbs lost - 14 lbs to go

    TARGET: Before Bertie my weight was 9'8. After Bertie I was 10'2 but this increased to 10'8 so when I was a stone overweight I decided enough was enough. I would ideally like to get to 9 stone in time for my holiday next Christmas and I would love to get into my four pairs of diesel jeans again (one at a time of course).
    Regardless of weight I cant stand my Jelly Belly and the Lumps I have on my back above my hips, these prevent any type of clothes from making me look slender so in addition my friend is helping me exercise.

    Modified to include actual weight - feel this will prevent me from cheating

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  • Oh gosh - I'm ashamed to write this but ideal (and necessary) weight loss is 4 stone = 56 lbs! Gulp!
    However, this feels like too big of a task so my first goal is to lose a stone in 8 weeks.

    I started 2 weeks ago so:
    4/1/ - Weigh in -
    11/1 - 3lb loss
    18/1 - 6lb loss!! (Woo hoo - 9lb in total)
    25/1 - 2lb loss (11lb in total)
    1/2 - 1lb loss (12lb in total)
    8/2 - stayed the same (boo hiss!)

    1/3 - 1lb gain!! (have been on hols though - so okay with that)

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  • Ideal weight loss - 2 stone (28lb)
    Realistic target - 1 stone (14lb)
    Deadline - 9th May 2010 (holiday, woohoo!)

    13/1 - 11st 13 (Bought scales & tested them)
    18/1 - 11st 9
    25/1 - 11st 7
    1/2 - 11st 7 (damn Cadbury shop at Cheshire Oaks!)
    8/2 - 11st 6
    15/2 - 11st 5
    22/2 - 11st 3
    1/3 - 11st 2
    8/3 - 11st 2

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  • Ideal weight loss - 21lbs
    Realistic weight loss - 21lbs!

    27/12 - weigh in 11 stone 3
    4/1 - 2 lbs loss
    11/1 - 2 lbs loss
    18/1 - 2 lbs loss
    25/1 - 3 lbs loss
    1/2 - 1 lb loss
    8/2 - 2 lbs loss
    15/2 - 2 lbs loss
    22/2 - 2 1/2 lbs loss
    1/3 - 1lb loss
    8/3 - 0.5 lb loss
    12/3 - 2lb loss (yay im under 10 stone!!) Early weigh in, off on hols

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  • Ideal weight loss - 28lbs (would take me back to what I was before I worked in an office on my bum all day!)
    Am going to disclose my weight to shame me into doing it!
    14/1 -11'11lb sneaky weigh in just to see!
    18/1 - 11'10lb woo hoo 1lb in half a week!
    25/1 - 11'10lb No loss :image(

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  • Ideal weight loss is - 30lb

    I'm not going to enter my actual weight but as the pounds fall off I might start putting my weight down. We are going on holiday to Scotland in 4 weeks and I would like to lose 6lbs for then and the rest for my sister in laws wedding in Cyprus at the beginning of June.

    18/1 - by the crin imageimage
    25/1 - 2lbs loss (28 to go)
    1/02 -

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  • Like Lisa I also need to lose about 4 stone! I am going to do it a stone at a time too.

    I also started last week, so here goes

    4th Jan - start date
    18th Jan - 2lb loss
    25th Jan - stayed the same
    1st Feb - 2lb loss
    13th Feb - 4lb loss
    22nd Feb - 4lb loss (total lost 12lbs so far)

    I've not been able to weigh myself every monday due to being away and not having the Wii Fit so my dates are a little mixed up. Hopefully another 4lb off this week.

    I feel its getting easier as the weeks are going on, plus I have now stopped eating choc for Lent so that should hopefully help!

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  • Hi girls, can I join too?? I need to loose 2 stone...I started on the 4th Jan weighing in at 11 10, on the 11th Jan I weighed 11 4 and yeterday 11 in 2 weeks have lost really chuffed with my deadline is the 19th February as it is my brother in laws wedding....xx

    Everyone has done so my Sunday weigh in was 10st 10 lbs...have had food posioning the last 2 days...which has been awful...but probably helpful with the weight loss!! So I have lost 1 stone since the 4th Jan...The dress I am wearing to the wedding is a size 12 and still doesnt am really cross...will keep it up though xx

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  • I need to lose a good 4 stone (eek).

    Started 11th Jan and have lost 4lbs.

    I'd like to lose 2 stone by 1st May when I go on hols and the rest by Grace's first birthday on 14th September. Prob back to work 1st June so would like to look and feel a bit better about myself!

    Well done to those who have lost so far and good luck to everyone!

    Em x

    18/1 4lb loss
    25/1 3.5lb loss (jealous as hubby lost 7lbs!) x
    1/2 1.5lb loss
    8/2 0.5lb loss
    15/2 0.5lb loss
    22/2 1.5lb loss
    28/2 2.5lb loss (one stone down, three minimum to go!!!!)

    Well done everyone! x

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  • I want to lose a lot! Going to do it a stone at a time!
    Well done to those of you who have had losses already and good luck everyone else!
    Will update my loss (hopefully) next Monday

    25/1- 3.5lbs loss image

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  • Well done everyone on your losses.

    I have 3 stone to loose.

    18th Jan - I lost 3lb last week - yay yay

    Off to Tenerife on Wed so i'm likely to go off the rails!
    Good luck for the coming week
  • Helloooooooo, I'm 5'7" and weighed 9 stone at the beginning of pregnancy, want to get back to this weight again.

    18/1: 10 stone :\(
    25/1: 9 stone 12 (2lb loss)
    1/2: 9 stone 11 (1 lb loss)

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  • Hiya, ive weighed myself today!
    Want to lose 26 pounds to take me to 9stone 4 by 30 April when I go to Tenerife!!!
    L xx
  • Hiya,

    I'm happy at about 9st 4lb but when I concieved I was 9st 12lb. I went up to 11st 10lb while pregnant but back down to 9st 13lb in 3 wks. For the last 5 months I've eaten whatever I've liked and justified it by breastfeeding but now I'd like to shift the last bit of weight. I know it doesn't sound like a lot of weight but I've always found this 1/2 stone a challenge.

    Traget 9st 4lb

    01.01.10 9st 13.5lb
    11.01.10 9st 11.5lb
    18.01.10 9st 10lb
    25.01.10 9st 8.75lb
    01.02.10 9st 7.25lb
    08.02.10 9st 6.75lb (6.75lb total loss)
    15.02.10 9st 6.75lb (stayed the same-thank god after lots of cake)
    22.02.10 9st 6.75lb (hit a bit of a wall!)
    01.03.10 9st 6.75lb (it's a big wall!)
    08.03.10 9st 5.5lb (yipee! Over the wall!)

    01.02.10 I so didn't want to get on the scales today. Last week I ate really healthily but this week I've been like a revenous animal and eaten everything in sight, including 3 slices of cake. I can't believe i still lost weight. I love breastfeeding!

    08.02.10 Same again this week, I really didn't want to look at the scales and was gob smacked that I'd lost 1/2 lb. Not a lot but amazingly I'm still going in the right direction!

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  • Ok - i was 9st 10lb before having jack and a size 12. I am now 10st 2lb, i'm wearing size 14 but they are big and size 12 too small. Would like to get down to 9st to be honest. Mostly i would like to tone my stomach up - it is saggy and stretch marked up!!

    Target weight 9st.

    18.01.10 10st 2lb

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  • Im about a stone off my wedding day weight so thats my first goal, my wedding dress was a size 14, im just about squeezing back into 1 or 2 pairs of my pre pregnancy jeans. Then i'd like to lose 2 more, so 3 in total and hopefully a size 12.
    18 jan ??stone 11 lbs
    25 jan ??stone 11 lbs (still had goodies in from christmas lol all gone now)
    1 feb ??stone 9 lbs woohoo 2 lb loss
    15 feb ??stone 9 lbs (starting again today though)
    5th march ??stone 2 lbs loss so far 9 lbs and feeling great!!!

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  • Think I have the most to lose with about 6 stone! going to go for 50lb as my target in 10lb chunks. Found my WW calculator and going to try and go back if we can afford it, really struggling with the lack of money at the moment as everything seems to be going wrong with the house at the wrong time :\(

    Anyway start weight 17 st 2lb. This is down from my pre preg weight of 19 4, so I am doing pretty well, but think that is mainly due to breastfeeding!

    week one -2lbs (great considering I haven't tried!)

    Bets XxX

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  • well done everyone, keep it going your doing fab image

  • Hello weight loss buddies!

    Target weight 8 stone 5
    Total weight loss required 1 stone 4lb

    11th Jan - 2.5 lbs lost
    18th Jan - 3.5 lbs lost
    25th Jan - 3 lbs lost
    1st Feb - 1lb lost - 8lbs to go
    8th Feb - 2lb lost - 6 lbs to go
    15th Feb - 2.5lb lost - 3.5lbs to go - lost a stone yay!
    22nd Feb - 0.5lb lost, boo still 3lbs to go
    1st Mar - 1lb lost, this is taking for eeeeeever!

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  • Hiya all!!

    Very boring but I've done it!! I was 10st 9 when I got pg, and gained 35lbs during pregnancy. Lost 20lbs two weeks after baby was born (no idea how!!) and am now down to 10st 7 so 2lbs less than at conception.

    Now intending to become surgically attached to my hula hoop as I have 11 days before I'm back in my bikini.

    Keep it up girls!!
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