another cbfm question

Mine hasn't arrived yet but i'm already on cd15, so it'll stay in the draw till next cycle. Anyway after my possible ov pains and yet another neg opk, its got me wondering, does anyone no the sensitivity of the test sticks? i'm worried i've paid all this money and there still not going to work!
Of course this could just be me getting my knickers in a twist on a sunday night :lol: what do we think??

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  • Hi Hun,

    I'm sure I replied to this the other night :evil:

    Anyway, my advice was to trust your CBFM, it's true that sometimes the peak can be missed if it's only a small surge, but generally this will only happen on the first (or mayve second) cycle until it gets to you, so in a nutshell I think you'll be fine!

  • I agree with Rainbow. I have never had a +ve on a cheap OPK but have had no problems at all with my CBFM. I have had highs and peaks from cycle one.
  • Thanks Ladies, mine almost arrived yesterday but missed postie by about 30 seconds :evil: I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. Is there a big book explaining how it works? because i think i'm going to need it! Can't beleive how dense i am about my own body! :lol:
  • There is a book with it but it is really easy to use once you have read through that. I love mine - I actually had BFP 3rd month using it but sadly ended in mc. Just starting to try again now and I was so happy to reset it a few weeks ago.
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